Back In The Day Kevin Garnett

The majority of people can remember back to the days when KG was in his prime. Obviously, at the fresh age of 33, he is no longer at the stage. He’s still got it, but it is still fun to watch who he used to be on the basketball court. The antics still remain- the hooting and hollering, and  yelling at the top of his lungs, yes… he does, and always has done that, as you will see in the upcoming video.

The following video was sent to us by Ty Kish. It is a video of Kevin Garnett during his days back in high school. In the video, Garnett is 18 years old and playing on an AAU team for “Team Michigan” as is brought to a conclusion by garnetttribute on youtube. Ty Kish has videos on his youtube channel “CityLeagueHoopsTV”. On that channel he provides videos of Allen Iverson, Lebron James, and many more players with videos from their past. So check out this video and watch for number 41 as that is The Big Ticket.

Yes, those are high schoolers. That looks more like the Harlem Globetrotters than your highschool AAU team. No, KG may not have that kind of lift anymore, but the last few minutes without music are exactly who he is. Its just a little funnnier when you can hear him in an empty gym instead of an arena filled with 18 thousand fans.

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