Glen Davis Will Always Be A Big Baby

Last night the Boston Celtics suffered another embarrassing defeat in Detroit against the Pistons. If the loss in itself wasn’t enough to make Celtics fans shake their head, Glen Davis took it upon himself to make sure Celtics fans everywhere would be shaking their heads in disappointment today. During the first half of last night’s game the guy we continue to call Big Baby did something that directly attributes to why he continues to have the word “baby” in his nickname.

According to reports, a Pistons fan behind the Celtics bench heckled Glen for most of the first half by calling him a “fat boy” whenever he got the opportunity. Being the immature “baby” that we have come to expect, Glen was not man enough nor professional enough to keep his mouth shut and replied to the heckler with an expletive.

Apparently I am not the only one ticked off by this, Celtics coach Doc Rivers had this to say about his young forward.:

Via Boston Globe:

“[If he said something back], then shame on Glen, To the victors go the spoils. I tell our guys all the time, you lose a game they have every right to yell, say whatever they want and you’ve got to be strong enough to walk away. So that’s not the fan’s fault, no matter what he said. We know about it. We’ve got to walk off the floor. So if that happened, then shame on Glen Davis.’’

Shame on Glen Davis is right Doc, and if you remember correctly this isn’t the first time this season we have questioned Glen’s maturity. Earlier this year Davis missed a large amount of games because of a hand injury he was diagnosed with following an off court altercation with a former teammate. At that time Doc, along with owner Wyc Grousbeck, voiced frustrations about Glen Davis’ immaturity.

It is assumed that Big Baby will be fined for this one, as it was heard by anyone watching the game on television. At this point in time I have to support Glen as a player, but as an individual he has a lot to work on and to be quite honest things aren’t looking up one bit. From what I can see so far in his career, Glen Davis will always be a big baby.

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