Send In Questions For Boston Globe's Gary Dzen

Tomorrow morning we will be pre-recording a segment for the Celtics Late Night Show with Boston Globe staff writer Gary Dzen. Because of Gary’s busy schedule we had to pre-record the segment and it will air during our regular show time of 11pm on Sunday evening.

Gary has credentials and is pretty much with the Boston Celtics 24/7. He is always reporting breaking news and offering detailed insight on the new Celtics Blog on In a continued effort to involve our readers we thought we would offer you the opportunity to send in some questions for Gary. The segment will be pre-recorded at 10 A.M tomorrow morning so if you have any questions please get them in ASAP. You can leave a comment here, send us a tweet @HardwoodHoudini, or email us at [email protected]

More info for this week’s show will be released tomorrow night. We look forward to hearing from you Sunday.

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