Shaquille O'Neal Spreading The Love

I don’t mind this and in fact I think it is pretty funny. I have always seen Shaq as a pretty comical athlete. The problem (I think) arises for the Cavs. Lebron James is a man who loves to be in the spot light. This was questioned earlier in the season if this was good for the Cavs, and this is an act that puts this question back into play.

Another thing I look at is that, yes this is a business of entertaining millions of fans and Shaq did that last night. It is funny, I said that before, but so isn’t the WWE. It is hilarious in a way that takes away from what is happening on the court and that I don’t like. Call me old fashioned (even though I’m only 19) but I just want all of the players to play the game with intensity. I can’t imagine there is much intensity under the collar of a man going to hug and kiss a fan after doing a bear crawl.

I think this occurance travels along the same road as every player hugging the other before the game. Love, Peace, and Happiness, yeah, yeah, yeah, I get all of that. I don’t mind the mutual respect between players before they are about to go to battle. What I do not like is how they all act like they are long lost buds. Where is the intensity in that? Call me stupid but when I watch a game I am not watching it to laugh. I am watching because I want my team to go out and kick the snot out of every other team in the league. How can we do that when everyone is smiling, giggling, and tehe’ing?

This is why I like the times when Paul Pierce stands over Chris Bosh. I like the times when Pierce stares at his opponents and shakes his head as if to say “not today, you don’t have a chance against me today” and the defender talks back. I like when KG gets up and claps in the face of Calderon and tells him its time to get down to business. Oh, but, “thats a technical because that is mean” who gives a rip. That is sports and those are 2 grown men. That stuff is fun to watch.  That gets you, as a fan, hyped up and wanting to watch more, not everything being a joke.

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