Celtics Less Popular Than The Bruins?

Via Eric Ortiz of NESN:

The Celtics’ 11-game win streak was snapped by the Sixers on Friday night (more proof to never turn the channel before the final buzzer sounds),  but even before the loss, the C’s were running neck and neck with the New England Revolution and Boston Blazers for headlines.

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are the old Big Three. This winter, the Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots have taken center stage.

My Popularity Ranking of Boston Sports teams:

  1. Red Sox
  2. Patriots
  3. Celtics (who are extremely close to the Patriots)
  4. Bruins

Let me start this off by asking the question- Really? Really the Celtics are getting less attention than the Bruins game at Fenway? I think the last thing I heard about it was a 1 minute clip on CSNNE about how they were making the ice. It is 12 days off, and I still have barely heard anything about it. In fact, I didn’t know it was 12 days off because I just had to search for when it was.

In what obviously is not a scientific study, Yahoo Sports allows you to become fans of teams.

 The Red Sox  – 334,907 fans.

 The Patriots - 229,186 fans.

 The Celtics – 223,615 fans.

 The Bruins - 98,049 fans.

An article that starts out on how the Celtics are not getting the recognition in the regional media, turns into whether or not anyone is paying attention to the C’s. Does this suggest that we should ignore the fact that the Celtics fill up the TD Garden and sell it out every single night while looking at the Bruins who have less seats to fill, but still can barely draw a decent crowd? This is not an attempt to Bruins bash, but instead an opportunity to open up the reality of things.

Fans are keeping up with the Celtics. A mixture of the team not playing big games against top tier teams, with how the Celtics are basically exactly where we expected them to be, puts out little media recognition. Simply because the media can’t draw attention off a Celtics and Memphis game, doesnt mean fans aren’t watching. This NBA season is still not completely underway, as it really starts to kick in once the NFL has ended. Very similar to the way MLB doesn’t begin, or NFL doesnt begin in the fans eyes until the sport that precedes it has been completed. Celtics vs. Magic on Christmas day, no wait… Celtics vs. Magic on any day will bring more attention throughout New England than the Bruins vs. Montreal.

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