Trevor Ariza: Just As Much Of A Punk As Artest

Ron Artest is well, he’s Ron Artest. Anyone who has followed the NBA for the past 5-10 years knows that the guy is a punk, yes I said it he’s a punk. Before the trade to the Lakers I already had deep hatred for the guy because of his negative impact on the NBA. He is a horrible role model, and a liability to the league as a whole. The guy is a hell of a basketball player but is better known for his horrible behavior on and off the court. 

I have to admit, my hate for him grew even more after hearing about his trade to the Lakers. I thought it was foolish for the Lakers to give up, Trevor Ariza, who I thought was a good guy, for a punk like Artest.

Well today Ariza proved to be just as much of a punk as Artest when he took a swipe at Toronto Raptors rookie guard DeMar Derozen, who I happen to be a big fan of. The incident occured towards the end of the third quarter. Ariza let his frustrations get the best of him after shooting 0-9 from the field at that point in the game. Ariza tried to throw an elbow at Derozen after a steal, and rightly so, got tossed from the game and more than likely will receive further punishment from the league.

Hopefully Ariza learns his lesson from this mistake and does not turn into another Artest. He is still young and has enough time left in the league to prove he isn’t a punk, unlike Artest who will always have the reputation of being a punk.

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