Lebron James... Would You Like Fries With That?

Alright folks, add one more thing to the “Why I hate Lebron list”. The cocky Cleveland Cavaliers forward has done it again. Tonight Lebron used a Oklahoma City Thunder fan as a drive-thru window for some free french fries. After grabbing a steal and going coast to coast for a layup, and a foul, Lebron stopped on the baseline to grab a french fry from a young kid seated court side with a Thunder jersey on. Not a big deal, but just another reason to hate the cocky superstar.

Over the past year Lebron has done anything, and everything, to get attention from the national media. He came out and said he wanted to participate in the dunk contest, then said maybe not. Then he showed up at a Cleveland Indians game with a Yankee cap on. Then he starts talking about the possibility of him signing with the Knicks. Then he talked some more about the 2010 free agency. Then he started talking about football and the possibility of him playing in the NFL. Then he started the talk about retiring Michael Jordan’s number league wide. Then he felt the need to do the river dance WHILE the game was going on against the Chicago Bulls. Then he felt the need to have to comment on college basketball’s rising star John Wall from Kentucky, obviously to get more media attention. Now he’s eating french fries during a game. Maybe the next time Lebron is thinking about being cocky someone should remind him of this:

 I want to let it be known that I am not using “then” to start every sentence because of my poor grammar, I’m using it to point out how sickening this guy is becoming. The list goes on and on and on. And to be quite honest fans league wide are starting to become sick of it. The immaturity of “The King” is one of the reasons why he has yet to win a championship. He is much too focused on gaining attention for himself, and not focused enough on the fact that his team is far from reaching greatness.

Now we all know Lebron is good, I’ll admit that. I am not a hater and I respect the way he plays the game. The two thing I don’t respect is his poor sportsmanship and immaturity. Now I may be blowing this whole thing out of proportion but like I said IT’S SICKENING. Every other day this guy is doing something else to try to put the spotlight on himself. In all reality his just making more of an (expletive) of himself.

For the love of god, and the love of basketball, can this kid please grow up and just play the game?

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  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    Some people just have no lives and post comments on different names. It’s kind of funny how stupid they are. Get a life and leave the site if you don’t like it.

  • Guest83

    I think everyone hates you bpaul.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    I think your a low life that needs to just leave this site. There’s a thing called I.P address and I can see that you are making all these stupid comments. So do yourself a favor and leave the site because your immature bullshit won’t be accepted here.

  • sexy

    Are you serious? That fact that you allow this young man to “Grind Your Gears” this much tells me you have a problem. He’s no different from any other athlete. There are many great athletes in all sports that has not won a championship. What do we say about those people? Plus he is not the whole darn team. If they haven’t won a championship, it’s not all his fault. There are 5 ppl on the court. He’s only one! And he’s young. At least he’s not getting in trouble with the law like so many others we’ve seen. Let him be. When he starts cursing out ppl, and acting out off and on court, then write something. Until then, let it go and just enjoy the game. Or better yet, don’t watch any of his games. Your peace of mind should not be this disturb over anyone. God bless ya!!!

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    Thank you for commenting. For those who can’t seem to gather enough maturity to post a well written comment read above.

    Ok now, I am a Celtics fan, you have to understand that. This is a Celtics blog, you have to understand that. This blog will be bias towards the Celtics and will be bias against people like Lebron or Kobe. That is a given.

    Lebron is kind of like the Yankees, you hate him because he’s good. If he wasn’t good then I wouldn’t be talking about him.

    Now I do have a problem with Lebron’s immaturity at this point in his career. It is somewhat expected but it bugs me. Kobe was somewhat immature at the beginning of his career but has grown up for the most part.

    Adn do you really think the Cavs as a TEAM can focus on THIS YEAR when Lebron is talking about all this other garbage on the side. And when him and shaq are arguing about a pregame routine? Come on now. Once this kid shifts his focus towards his teams rather than himself, his teams will be much more succesful.

    Lebron is not a criminal and I never said that. He is immature and needs to grow up, which I think he will as his career goes on. Coming into the league at a young age I don’t think he was ready for all the attention he was going to get. And since then he has resorted to being cocky and seeking more attention. For what reason, I’m not sure. The guy is a hell of a basketball player and I just wish he would let his game do all of the talking.

    Btw, I will continue to watch Lebron because he is a fun player to watch play the game. What is not fun is watching him pull stunts like he did against the Bulls.

  • http://none randy

    Goodness, you Bovine Paul are beyond help.
    When I said “you” , I was referring to the media and dumb bloggers like you in general. What in your stupidity made you think I was referring to you alone or specifically when all the world knows you don’t even have the status go within 10 feet of Lebron and fire your own stupid questions personally. Again, please stop deluding and flaterring yourself.

    Everyone knows you simply cull from secondary information and then draw stupid conclusions and write amateurish blogs.

    Then you claim we who disagreed with you think Lebron’s the perfect citizen -WHOA!!! Where did that come from? Stop spinning stories to squeeze yourself out of this mess -it’s common knowledge that nobody’s perfect to begin with and that includes Lebron. What people like me are saying is that this latest episode was not a misstep and is in fact, something to commend if not celebrate. But no, the dirty mind in you would rather look for anything or something negative just to demonize the guy you hate so much. ANd it makes you lose credibility and along with it, we other Celtic fans lose some of ours by association with you. Again, pick your spots and choose your battles well.

    If you still can’t see that it is Shaq who is dragging the down the Cavs and not Lebron’s supposed “Immaturity and lack of sporstmanship” or “lack of focus”, then you just don’t know basketball at all. Just look at Phoenix , they unloaded Shaq for nothing in return(other than financial savings of course) and suddenly they are flying high again at a time when they are not even supposed to make the play-offs given their age. The guy you think is lacking in focus is merely second in the league in scoring while shooting a career high in shooting percentage and averaging a career- high 8 assists a game , sixth best in the league. The assists figure is better than my favorite Celtic, Larry Bird ever did. Bird as we all know has the distinction of being the best passing forward the game has ever known. Not bad for a guy lacking in focus!

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    “When I said “you” , I was referring to the media and dumb bloggers like you in general.”

    Did ESPN ask him to talk about MJ’s number? Did ESPN ask him if he wanted to play football? Did ESPN tell him to do the River Dance? The answer to all those are no. Stop making excuses for this immature chump. You are obviously not a Celtics fan if you are sticking up for this guy like this. By the way this is the last comment you get on here if you keep trying to put down the blog, the only reason I approved this one is because I didn’t want to seem like a coward after the debate we have doing on.

    And how many god damn times do I have to say that this article, and my feelings towards Lebron, did not come from this foolish incident. I think it’s quite hillarious but something the NBA could have lived without. Lebron is just another big piece of the puzzle in why the NBA is turning into more of a entertainment industry than a true competition.

    I am also one to say Shaq is a waste. But who is to blame last year when Lebron was crying off the court against the Magic? That weren’t Shaq, that was Lebron. Lebron, and, HIS team failed. Lebron failed on his teammates by walking off the court.

    Then you go on to say more and more why he’s a great INDIVIDUAL player. I KNOW, he is great I don’t need any one else to tell me that, espically a “Celtics fan” (notice the quotes). Now tell me what his team has done and what his team is doing. Yeah I thought so, it’s a big FAIL.

  • bigboy

    ok “bpaul”, guess what, im highly intelligent also and your logic is crap. Wow Lebron ate some kids fries, but at the same time he gave that kid a chance of a lifetime. You keep talking about how if lebron would stop showboating and concentrate on his team they would when a championship… well im pretty sure they did in 2007. This isn’t a publicity stunt, it’s Lebron being Lebron. Maybe he’s just acting a little childish because he’s been being interviewed and pushed to be the best in basketball since he was in middle school and didnt have time to be like every other kid. Or maybe it’s just him being him. Instead of hating on Lebron loo at the things that every other professional basketball player is doing out there. Theyre way worse than anything Lebron has done. Oh, and I did read your blog, thoroughly, and everything you said doesn’t add up. And you like to complain about how this is your blog and people should stop dissing you… well in one of your comments you dissed somebody else proving that youre a hypocrite. you’re the low-life and nobody likes you. Oh, and by the way I AM A CELTICS FAN!

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Bigboy – the Cavs didn’t win a championship in 2007 the Spurs did.

  • JT

    You’re welcome North Station Sports. Glad I was able to help.

  • bigboy

    im sorry for the false information i could’ve sworn it was the cavs who won.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    No biggie, Cavs won Eastern Conference and lost to the Spurs 4-0.

  • http://none randy

    Once again Bovine Paul, you proved your stupidity by presuming that I am not a true Celtic fan for supposedly sticking up for Lebron. Look here dummy, as a true Celtic fan, we all have stakes and sense of ownership of what you as a Celtic blogger post in your blog. When we talk, we like people to give us a listening ear and not be dismissed summarily as ranting and raving mad hater because of bad reputation brought about by the inanities you posted while representing the Celtics. Do us all a Celtics fans a favor, you don’t have to be a jerk all the time.

    As a longtime Celtics fans, I have argued and defended to death Bill Rusell’s superiority over Wilt Chamberlain and didn’t need to resort hatred’s rage to prove a point convincingly unlike you. God knows the Russell-Wilt is probably the great sports debate of all ages. I have gotten a lot of people to reconsider their stance,why? It’s because I stuck to facts that matters in proving my point, not to issues that are argumentative and contentious that were trivial and petty to begin with. Your contentions about Lebron is every bit as ridiculous as saying Kobe will never win another title without Shaq because he is a rapist.

    You have lost instant credibility when you claimed you are not a hater and proceeded to prove your point by ranting and raving like the mad hater that you truly are. You are the very epitome of hypocrisy, like the guy who loudly proclaimed “I swear, I don’t curse, I never curse, you SOB so f*ck off!”

    You don’t have to sent me out, hell I am leaving you to your own stupidity and misguided hatred. You are sick beyond help. But for the love of God and for the love of the Celtics and everything they represent, can you please leave Boston out of this.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    You are basing all of this off the fact that I posted my opinion about Lebron on a blog. This is my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it. Call me stupid, do whatever you want but that’s not going to make me change my mind about him. What will make me change my mind is if he starts focusing more on the game of basketball and less on extra-curricular activites.

    And on the hater thing, I am a hater of Lebron’s actions. I’m not a hater of his game, which I stated in the article. I never said I weren’t a hater of his actions so don’t be labeling me as a hypocrit. Instead read the article with an open-mind and understand what I was actually saying before putting words in my mouth.

    Again this is a blog, it is opinionated stuff, you may not agree and I understand. But for you to come on here and bash a fellow Celtics fan for what he thinks about a non-Celtic is ridiculous and a disgrace to Celtic nation. And since there were only about 4 “Celtics Fans” on here that called me out I’m not too worried, because I know a lot more than 4 fans have read this blog, so stay in the minority and keep hating on me man cause I could give a shit less.

  • http://none randy

    Ah so now you call yourself just a hater of Lebron’s actions after clearly stating in your blog you are not a hater at all (read our own blog again for your own comfort of thoughts). Then you say you don’t hate Lebron’s game but proceeded to blame his supposed lack of focus (which of course translates to his game productions) to his team failure when he is clearly the reason why the Cavs are overachieving. Get this into your thick head, if there is an imaginary draft today and all active players are available, Lebron with the kind of focus he has or lack of it as you claimed , will be taken first pick over-all.

    Geez , you are a mass of contradictions and seeing you sink yourself further by contradictions, distortions, flawed logic makes me scratch my head and puke.

    I don’t hate you, I pity you. Hate is for people of consequence which you clearly you are not. Hate is for inconsequential people like you to feel for people of consequenses like Lebron. Thus, I feel sad for the world in general, I failed in my bid to make it one less senseless hater and make it a little better place to live. Oh yeah, it’s my way of saying that I don’t give a damn about you but I am concerned with the poison you are are polluting the cyberspace and many gullible readers out there.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    I’m done battling against your foolishness. You keep coming back trying to finish on top, well I am going to stop commenting and hope this makes you sleep better tonight. If you read my article you would understand how I felt about Lebron, but apparently you stopped after all the negatives I said about him. So you have a good night, you are welcome to come back here but please leave the bullshit at the door. Thank you and have a good night.

  • giantNYC

    You never responded to my post at 77, why?

    I think your premise is a bit absurd. You problems with him are for his MJ jersey idea(which I did not agree with), his comment about the Browns(ridiculous). These seem pretty benign. Are you suggesting that all he should do is play basketball and nothing else? He can’t have an opinion about anything? Because he answers a question when asked, he is somehow not focused; because he happens to think about and discuss something other than the Cavs chances at a championship, he is not focused? I don’t understand how you cite this as a “distraction.” Are you saying he is too stupid to talk about the Browns/MJ/dunk contest/free agency and still play basketball at the same time. Surely you realize these remarks would be forgotten in a minute if made by most people. If he said he prefers a MAC to a PC, it would be news. In these instances, he is just a guy talking. By your logic, he can’t see a movie, go to a party, read a book, listen to music, hang out with his kid etc. because these activities do not contribute to winning a championship. He has to stay on basketball 24/7; really? Who do you think you are? You make no sense.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Just another foolish person who didn’t read the article, or did not understand the article. I’m glad atleast the other couple thousand people that read this understood or this would have gotten way out of control.

    Yes he can have an opinion, but everytime does he have to go out of his way to bring it into the national media? No. Does he do that? Yes. Nobody asked him any of these questions about MJ, the Browns, the Dunk Contest, etc. He brought this all onto himself.

    What I am saying is he should stick to living his life playing basketball and living his personal by himself, not with the rest of the world. I understand that the media follows him but he brings most of this up by himself without reporters even asking him about it.

    Kobe has a lot more people following him in L.A, but do you see him commenting on all this stuff and being cocky all the time? No you don’t, Kobe and his team let their performance do the talking.

    Play basketball, read a book, listen to music, hang out do all that. But don’t bring up things that distract himself from the team. You don’t think his teammates heard about him talking about NY? If you don’t your crazy, and if you don’t think they got a little pissed off by this your crazy too.

    Focus on the game, that’s what I would like him to do. Let his game do the talking, Let his game get him attention. He’s got the game to do it, so I don’t understand why he thinks he has to do all this other stuff off to the side.

    And by the way I don’t have the time to respond to every post on here, sorry if I didn’t get to yours.

  • giantNYC

    You miss my point and now realize your opinion is not thought out. The telltale sign is that you have descended into name calling(foolish person). You say I did not read or do not understand the article. By way of concrete example, please explain what gives you that impression? It is you that did not read sir. Clearly any comment he makes will garner attention. He brings it up himself? Does he keep reporters in his pocket? What do you think they are around for? Did he call a press conference with a fireworks display? I guess until he discussed it, it was a big secret and lost on his teammates that his contract will soon expire. And what did he bring onto himself?

    I think his game gets plenty of attention and talks plenty, otherwise no one would pay mind to the stuff that annoys you so. I take issue with your sense that your way is the only way. We are not talking about someone living a dangerous life, we are talking about matters of style. So you are effectively saying you are somehow superior. This is the flaw. Your other flaw is your basic argument- he should stop living in the media because that “distracts” from the team and impedes his ability to “focus.” By what measure do you arrive at this conclusion? When you say that, of course, people will counter by asking you what proof is there that this is the case. Your shortcoming is that you fail to realize that statistics have to be a part of this argument. How else can “focus” be assessed? Improved field goal percentage? More assists? Because he made comments, takes time to speak? If you could, by some discernible measure, point to how this distracts the team and takes away from focus you might be onto something. Unfortunately, your argument is built on too many “ifs;” too much guesswork and blind animus. When your argument is stripped down, what is left is that you just don’t like the guy. Maybe it is out of jealousy as most seem to suggest; who knows. But the reasons you give are nonsensical.

  • giantNYC

    And, you could stand to brush up on the difference between you’re(you are) and your(possession) before you respond.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    What gives me the impression that you did not read the article is that you are arguing points against me that I did not even say in the article, and that is what half the people on here have done. Maybe if you read the article and didn’t jump to conclusions you would not be debating with me right now. And if you call foolish person name calling then…. I just don’t know what to say, that was the nicest way I could say it.

    You named all individual stats, congrats! That’s not what I’m arguing. State the number of championships he has accomplished, or tell me how they are doing this year. Supposedly Shaq was the player Lebron needed. Whoops! That was wrong. In all reality Lebron doesn’t need a better team around him, he has enought talent. What he doesn’t have is enough focus on the team, but rather too much focus on himself. And your INDIVIDUAL stats proved that.

    Look at Dwight Howard in his younger years and his immaturity and the team’s lack of success. Then look at the Magic’s success once he matured and focused more on the team, it isn’t a mere coincidence.

    And where is this jealousy stuff coming from? All I can do is laugh at that. Everyone is jealous of Lebron, he’s a superstar, he can get all the girls he wants, all the cars he wants, all the clothes he wants. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that his attitude is piss-poor at most times and that he is a cocky S.O.B.

  • giantNYC

    Your retort in non-responsive and you now add “piss poor attitude” as a new dimension. Your argument is a moving target, sir. I think I have had my fill. So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that as a result of the off court occurrences you mentioned, James has yet to win a championship and that regardless of team structure, competing teams’ rosters and the other countless factors that play a role, he will not win a championship until he ceases these activities? And that the French fry event is merely the latest exhibit to buttress your theory? Is that the size of it?

  • bhum

    I guess me question to you bpaul is at what point to do say he is being cocky and at what point to you say he is having fun with the game? I mean, people are allowed to have fun at work once in awhile right? I seriously doubt that Lebron was thinking before the game, “Hey, if I go diving into the stands tonight I’m going to look for a kid with fries and steal one to make the 9 o’clock news!”

    And as far as championship’s go, it took two huge all star players added to one other to make Boston Champions again, and it still took them 7 games to beat Lebron (and face it, it was just Lebron that kept the Cav’s alive in that series). I’m not a Cav’s fan either FYI, being from Canada I’m more of a Phoenix fan for obvious reasons.

    Regarding Shaq, yeah he’s funny and creative, but that is limited to off the court. His best days are far behind him, and it is safe to say that everyone knew that he wasn’t going to make an impact with the Cavs much like he did nothing for the Suns last year.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    Giant- I am saying that his off-court activities is ONE of the reason’s why he hasn’t won a championship. There are obviously more reason’s but that is one. And the French Fry event wasn’t one of his worse examples of it, I thought it was somewhat of a show-off type move, but it was funny and probably made the kids day. Like I have said in other comments the Fry incident is not the only reason why I wrote this, it just happened to happen the day I planned on writing it so I went with it.

    Bhum- The fry thing was acceptable, not a big deal, that can qualify as “fun” if you want it to lol. But all athletes know their job is not about having fun, it’s about winning. You don’t see a big defensive end in the NFL going out there with a smile on his face, because he realizes he isn’t going to help his team win if he has “fun”.

  • giantNYC

    Your last post crystallizes why I find your article quite baffling.
    (1)I did not say you were characterizing the French fry event as a major thing. In fact, I very clearly used the word “merely” to demonstrate that I understand you to be pointing this out as a minor example in what you see as a pattern of behavior.

    (2)You have to decide what the French fry event is. Regardless of degree, it can’t simultaneously be “acceptable” and a negative thing that you group with other behaviors you object to. In other words, you can’t on the one hand call it acceptable and then at the same time base an article criticizing him on it.

    And what are the other reasons? Please list in order of importance.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    In other words, you can’t on the one hand call it acceptable and then at the same time base an article criticizing him on it.

    I had this article planned out for a few days and the french fry thing just happened to take place. I used it to create a creative title and report the news, and then go on my rant about his actions.

    1.MJ’s Retiring – No need to bring that up besides to get attention. If your going to mention MJ you might as well retire #6 (Russell and Erving), #33 (Bird), #32 (The other MJ). Do you really think it was neccesary for him to bring it up?

    2. River Dance- Was there any reason for him to do this besides gaining attention and being cocky? It is okay to do it during time outs, having fun (because I know that’s what your going to say). But it’s not okay to do it during a game while two team’s are playing. It is putting down the other team, and Noah took offense to it, like I did.

    3. Free Agency – Granted they do question him a lot about this. But time after time he say’s something out of the blue that he shouldn’t. This is a distraction to his team and is quite annoying. Don’t you think he should just wait until the seasons over to focus on free agency?

    4. Dunk Contest- Was there any reason for him to throw his name into this year’s contest? Besides to try to steal the show from last year’s contestants and gain more publicity for himself. Then he comes out and say’s he’s not going to participate, be a man and stick to your words or keep your mouth shut.

    5. NFL- Was it neccesary to say he could be a star in another sport? No it wasn’t. It was another attempt to get more attention towards HIM, not his team. Maybe he said it so he could sleep better at night, I don’t know. What I do know is it was unnecessary.

    6. And this whole thing he does at the beggining of the game, it’s all for attention. He isn’t getting pumped like KG does, he has a smile on his face the whole time. He just uses his little powder thing, which he stole from KG, to get people’s eyes looking at him.

    How about he starts talking more about his team’s play and less about himself? That would be a good start for the Golden Boy.

  • Larry

    #74 bpaul – You state LeBron is talking about things he shouldn’t be talking about; which suggests he is out of his element sometime. You have something in common with him…..you’re out of your element ALL THE TIME.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Larry the Cable Guy? Cause your full of jokes, leave the site if you think I’m out of my elements. Don’t keep coming back ALL THE TIME.

  • randy

    Things really have a way of revealing its own real ugly head. So now you found Shelden Williams tweeters’ hilarious instead of disturbing – by your lofty standards, an underachieving lottery pick like Williams should focus more on improving his mediocre skills than spend time with tweeters. Hell no NBA cager should have a wife with a better hoop skills than him, its a complete embarassment to the male specie.

    Instead of focusing on Lebron, why don’t you focus more on admonishing Williams and maybe he can do a better job of containing Gasol and Bynum when we meet the Fakers in January?

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    I found it funny that he tweeted while pulled over Randy. I think it’s funny how far social networking has come these past few years. If it was something more serious like DUI or something I would have been very disturbed by it. The fact that he ran a red light in the pitch dark because he could couldn’t see the sign is amusing. I can see your just going to try to knit pick everything I say now, well thanks for revisiting the site anyways.

  • randy

    In the interest of fairness and with malice towards none, but isn’t that the whole point of my posts -”knit picking” or more precisely your knit picking of every little thing Lebron does just to demonize him? That’s exactly what you did in this particular blog of yours and I am merely exercized reciprocity to give you a mirror of your own act.

    But hey, you’re a Celtic guy so I am not going to harbor ill will. There’s a bigger fish to fry -the Fakers and Kobe’s overly magnified injured finger. I really do think he just want symphathy votes for his MVP aspirations. Hell, all of his career, Larry Bird played with a badly disfigured right index finger caused by a wayward baseball and was agravated further in a bar room fight in the 1985 play-offs. Yet, Larry never talked about it, much less want the media giving him a pass on poor shooting nights.


  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    42 points with an injured finger (Cough Cough). By the way, that game last night is why I find Tim Donaghy to be a more credible source. That call was horrible. The Lakers are one lucky shot by Kobe (which even he said was lucky), and a horrible call away from being 18-6 and two games behind gang green.

  • randy

    I actually want Kobe jacking up tons of shots cause it keeps his teammates out from getting a rhythm. Kobe likes padding his stats against patsies. You’d think that a guy with a supposed injured finger would defer more shots to Pau Gasol who is nearly an 60% shooter and Andrew Bynum another near 60% percent shooter. By all means, the game should have never gone to overtime if Gasol and Bynum got more shots and into the flow of the game. But Kobe wants his glory and the records will show victory so he gets a pass. I have a feeling it’s going to come back to bite him in the future when games are tougher and stakes are higher.

    Help me out on this, but I think Kobe tends to shoot more when he supposedly is battling injury. But hey, I digress too much already, perhaps this is one topic you can write about in preparation to the January game against the Lakers.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    I’d have to look deep into the stats to figure that one out. It does always seem like he tries to be the hero when he is “injured” (notice quotes).

    I am just really disappointed in the refs this year, and specifically in last nights game. I may start a new series or something profiling the refs and all the horrible call’s each one makes.