Kobe Bryant's Fakers (15-3) a Far Cry From Celtics (16-4)

The Lakers are just now tapping into their tough part of their schedule. Officially, this upcoming Saturday marks the day when LA’s 17 out of 21 games at home is over with. They have won 8 straight, now dont get me wrong that is good no matter who it is against, but their toughest opponents have been Miami (at home) and OKC (at home). Sure they are playing great ball and are number 1 in the power ranking but give me a break. Many people thought after their first 21 games they could very easily be 20-1 or 19-2. Come next Saturday, they may be 18-3, but they will first have to move past the Suns tonight, and Utah on Wednesday. Then on Saturday, the Lakers will travel to Utah for their opening night- 1.5 months afer the rest of the league.

At this exact moment, the Celtics have 2 games on the Lakers but only one more loss. The Celtics have played 10 games at home and 10 games on the road, a perfect split 50/50 to show what their record should be and that is 16-4. The Lakers on the other hand, like I said have played 78 percent of their games at home (will be 81% by next Saturday). With two less games, and 28 percentage points more home games, the Celtics are only down 1 game in the loss column to the Fakers? I would have to say that must be disappointing for a Laker fan. They are one lucky bank shot from Kobe away from being 14-4. What has it taken the Lakers to get there? They have had to excessively use Kobe with minutes above his career average, and nearly 1 minute more than all of last year.

The Lakers record is very deceiving to how good they actually are. They have yet to have to prove anything. All of those home games to begin the season leads to a lot of road trips through the rest of their season. They have yet to play a single game against Orlando, Cleveland, or the Celtics. Their 1 tough road game (at Denver) they got their rear end handed to them by 26 points.

In one week, the Lakers will have a little reality check as to what an NBA season really is. The C’s are in very good position, with only being down by a game in the loss column. If the Celtics make it out of December, and are tied or very close to the Lakers, the Celtics will have a great advantage through the rest of the season to have the best record in the league. This will bode very important in the Finals as we prepare for what just may be another epic Celtics vs. Lakers Finals.

Kobe (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Melo (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

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  • Its Ah Me Mario

    1st off in the phil jackson era..only 1/4 championships have been in a season where they had the best record in the NBA.
    Which means..lakers dont give a damn about the regular season as long as they have a good playoff seeding and know they are physically and mentally ready for the playoffs. Pau Artest Kobe Bynum Lamar..can you really match up with that? naw no team can..ray allen is old garnett is old pierce cant lead a team by himself as is the reason for why ainge had to trade his whole team a couple years back for allen and garnett. rasheed? please he’s the equivalent of Mbenga. Stop your celtic hoping because they will not win this year. sorry.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Just for an FYI-
    The Lakers won the championship in 99-00 / 00-01 / 01-02 / 08-09 under Phil Jackson.
    In 99-00 the Lakers had homecourt in the Finals
    In 00-01 the Lakers had homecourt in the Finals
    In 01-02 the Lakers had homecourt in the Finals
    In 08-09 the Lakers had homecourt in the Finals
    The two times the Lakers lost: 03-04 and 07-08
    03-04 was the only time they lost with homecourt and 07-08 the CELTICS had home court advantage.
    What Jackson did in Chicago with MJ is not relevant to what he does with LA.
    By that standard: the Lakers need home court and use it very well. Nevermind the fact the Celtics (the team we are talking about them playing here) beat them with homecourt advantage 2 years ago.

  • Missie

    Ha! Hate on! Lakers > Celtics and everyone knows it.

  • Its Ah Me Mario

    yeah homecourt in the finals only because they either beat the team with the best record in an earlier series or they got beat somewhere in the east.

  • Missie

    Be ready to shut up when Lakers beat the crap outta Celdicks on their next match.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Way to post a mature comment Missie. Keep up the good work,do whatever make you happy. The ball don’t lie and the stats don’t lie. If you listened to Tim Donaghy on 60 minutes tonight you would have heard him saying that the refs fixed the Lakers championships during the Shaq days. It all makes sence now. If you haven’t heard the interview its a good one, check it out.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Its Ah Me Mario – the point is not whether they beat or the eastern conference beat the team with the best record- the point is, the Lakers will need homecourt to beat the Celtics in a 2-3-2 format. Their history proves this IN THE FINALS– disregard every other playoff series the Finals is a different story. Chances are if I really wanted to do the research, the Lakers would not have beaten the team with the best record in that given year anyways.

  • Joshua Kennison

    Well I am a huge C’s fan and I have one thing to say. Yup, Lakers and Celtics will square off in January sometime and the game will be well played the first quarter with both starters in for both teams. BUT, the Celtics have a heck of a bench. By January, we will know who plays good with who and all that jazz. I don’t even know any bench players for the Fakers!! In a few of the games this season, the bench came out and did just as good as the starters, so I believe we have a real good chance at beating the Fakers. It won’t matter if Kobe “slips” and tosses one up to get lucky. It won’t be that close and Phil + crew will be crying.

  • Justin

    Excessively use Kobe? His career minute stats are skewed by his first few years on the bench, not a good idea to use that. Kobe’s minutes are right where they should be at 37mpg. He played less than normal last year because of the coaching staff worrying about him lasting the whole season after playing in the Olympics. Needless to say it was a good idea.

    As for the Lakers playing on the road, they’ll be fine. They didn’t have the best road record in the NBA last year for no reason.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    37 mpg in alot of home games with a 15-3 record. How many mpg is he going to have when they actually have to play tough teams in tough games?

  • Tupac

    Your article is good, but the tile of the article downgrades it, making it a very biased article.

  • Vince

    Bpaul. you are an idiot.

    he was talking about the Lakers organization filing complaints about how fouls are being called. that’s how every team is supposed to do it (ie, that’s why you get fined for criticizing refs). there are rules and procedures.

    and it was not plural (your phrase, “championships during the shaq days”). he can only come up with one series, and a supposed bias involving iverson. you make it sound like the world is falling apart. haven’t you seen lebron’s crab dribble? his team still lost to the magic despite his constant traveling.

  • Koberules24

    greenbanner18 don’t be an idiot, the celtics can’t beat the lakers in a series and everybody knows that. Garnett is old, his level of play has declined drastically and he is almost finished, same goes for allen, pierce and rasheed (who has been horrible and is way out of shape). The celtics were the better team 2 years ago,but now i don’t think they can beat LA in a series not even with homecourt, heck i don’t think they can beat orlando in a series right now.

  • Joe

    You guys are only 2 shots from Kevin Garnett away from being 14-6. What a hypocrat

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Joe- Well drawn out plays to open up a jump shooter who makes his shot 70 percent of the time from the exact position on the court he is shooting the ball, is much much different than Kobe with a hand in his face 5 feet behind the arc falling sideways banking in a shot. It was a lucky shot- even Kobe said so.

  • JK

    I think you’re forgetting that Lakers didn’t have Pau Gasol for the first 11 games of the season. Their record in those l1 games? 8-3. Their record since he came back? 8-0. Like it or not, Lakers are a great team without Gasol and the team to beat with him. He provides the inside presence that Garnett provides for the Cs. Take out garnett for the first 11 games and even a biased fan such as yourself would have to admit the celtics wouldn’t have a 16-4 record.

    As long as the Lakers team stays healthy, watch them lose very few games from here on out.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Everyone who says the Celtics are old please do me a favor. Stop watching ESPN so much and actually watch a game. Half of you Lakers fans that come in here and say they are old have probably watched maybe one Celtics game all year. Anyone who follows the team knows that the Celtics are FAR from old. They ran the OKC Thunder out of their own building if you need a quick reference. And Vince on the Donaghy subject, why do you think Donaghy bet on the Lakers to win it all that year? Because he said that he knew the league was going to get Kobe Bryant to the line at any point possible. Get to the line more=making more easy points= victories=championship.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    JK- 8-0 with 7 of those being in the comfort of playing at home. Simply put- the Lakers have not proven it yet. They very well may prove they can play a tough schedule as well as the very simple schedule they have had so far. At this very moment, until Saturday, they have not proven a thing with their 16-3 record, while the Celtics have with a 16-4 record with a 50/50 split road/home games. Pau Gasol does make a difference, but I do not think he makes a 26 point difference that stops the Lakers from getting pounded by the Nuggets. Like I said- take it on the road.

  • Justin

    “37 mpg in alot of home games with a 15-3 record. How many mpg is he going to have when they actually have to play tough teams in tough games?”

    It’ll stay close to the same. He averaged about 2 minutes more on the road last year. He’s been at around 34-35 since Gasol got back. Phil knows how to manage him.

    Like I said, the Lakers will be fine on the road. They’ve been great away since acquiring Gasol in ’08 and I don’t see why they would get any worse especially considering that almost everyone is healthy.

  • Vince


    a missed call is a missed call. on anyone. if kobe, or pierce, or whoever gets fouled, they SHOULD get to the line. and if that translates to victories, then they deserve it. the opposing team needs to learn to defend without hacking.

    during games, when fouls are being missed, coaches let the refs know (even in pee wee basketball). and after the game, there are protocols to properly protest calls, uniform for every team.

    and as far as biases is concerned: superstars get the benefit of the doubt–scorers get the line, and defenders are allowed physical D, ala bowen. it’s the nature of the game, and you earn that. if specific fouls are constantly being missed and is brought to the refs attention, of course they’ll look for it more closely. it’s their JOB.

  • Vince

    by the way, you Laker fanatics need to chill and stop hating on every team.

    the Lakers are the class of the league, along with the Celtics, Magic, and the Nugs (perhaps the Spurs when they get healthy of Cavs when they figure out how to play with Shaq).

    the Lakers, however, have really yet to to prove themselves with an early favorable schedule. maybe after their road heavy stretch during jan/feb, you can start making outlandish claims.

    but this is ridiculous and annoying. almost as annoying as pierce suddenly saying he’s the best in the nba after being in the background most of his career and then winning thanks to the addition of two all stars. until he dominates and carries his team like wade or lebron (or even kobe when shaq left), he’s not the best.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    The thing with the refs though, as Donaghy said, is they were looking for any little thing to protect Kobe. He used the terms if the breathed on him. Instead of making calls because of the past, or because of the players name, they should be calling the game by the rules. And thanks for being one of those Lakers fans I don’t mind. Thanks for being mature and addressing the rest of those immature Lakers fans that come in here and give Lakers fans a bad rep.

  • Vince

    touche about calling the game by the rules for everyone. superstar treatment shouldn’t be part of the game as you said. however, it is what it is, and i still think that does not necessarily translate in victories automatically. Otherwise, Wade and Lebron should be piling on the rings by now.

    oh, and I try (doesn’t always happen) to be a fan of the game first, and a fan of the Bulls second. Hopefully, by the post season, we can get everyone healthy and get another crack at your Celtics!

    but as far as the lakers go, there are laker fans and then kobe fans. i’m not sure which is worse.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    It does not translate into victories automatically but it sure don’t hurt. Yeah your Bulls need to get their act together if they want a shot at the Celtics again. Letting Jarett Jack just tie his shoes, that was ridiculous. You might see a coaching change before the year is over if things don’t improve. And as far as the Lakers go, I think the Kobe fans are worse. Those are the people that just go around saying, “Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe” and know nothing else about the L.A Lakers. I respect the Lakers fans who know what they are talking about, but then there are the others that should just stay away from the NBA.

  • Just the Messenger

    As one of the few coaches whose team has already faced Boston, Cleveland, Orlando and the Lakers, Phoenix’s Alvin Gentry can provide as good a barometer as anyone of who the NBA’s best team is so far this season.

    His verdict? No contest, the Lakers.

    “We’ve played the other teams, and I think they’re by far the best team,” Gentry said.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Of course Gentry is going to say LA before Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando, they’ve played them twice and are in the same conference. Why would he say any Eastern Conference team? They play them twice a year, compared to LA they have to play 4 times. He said LA so when it comes down to it he can say, “We lost two games to the best team”. Popavich said the same thing about the Celtics by the way.

  • jacob

    hate all you want but the celtics dont have the overall talent of the lakers. and who cares about the bench. the lakers have a good enough support team where starters on the lakers can play with the bench and vice versa. and people can say lakers Shaq-era games were fixed but ironically they sound like haters. haters that complain about the lakers having it easy. haters. who won the championship last year HUH GASP the lakers. damn referees must have fixed that series too. haters lol. if thats the case i as a lakers fan could say the refs fixed the celtics vs. lakers championship but then again im not a hater.

  • cj

    Ok Im sure I’ll get blasted for this from both ends of the spectrum because everyone has their biassed opinions let me start off by saying this, the Celtics need to get passed the the Magic this year. The Magic are also 16-4 (8-2 on the road) with a win against the C’s at home. They havent come close to playing their best ball yet, due to injuries with Carter, and Anderson (yes I said Anderson, def. not a throw in). Illness with Pietrus and Bass out. A ten game suspension with Lewis who is comeing back to form, and Nelson out for 2 weeks or so for surgery. Magic have arguably the deepest bench in the leauge with great defenders that dont miss a step when the staters go out and have better gaurd in J. Williams then Alston was for them last year. They are better off with Carter who is coming back to form and starting to get comfortabe with the new team and proving his case without a doubt that he is and upgrade from turk as our clutch 4th quarter finisher. As for the Lakers they have had the easy schedule with the home games, BUT you can not take away the fact that they are the defending Champs. I believe with a healthy Nelson who lit up the Lakers at home last year in the regular season, whether L.A. fans want to remember it or not, he came back to early from injury last year and didnt play 1/4 of what he was capable of. The Magic will definitely bring it to 7 games in the finals with L.A. Thats my prediction and im sticking to it! Hopefully L.A. gets homecourt because history shows they will need it. Although watch out for those Nuggets L.A., they look scary….

  • cj

    Oh yea and as a Magic fan ofcourse the Magic will take that 7th game! Don’t get mad its my biased opinion just like everyone else is entitld to and posts on here. GO MAGIC!!

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Haha thats alright CJ have at it. You bring up some good points to back up your thinking.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    CJ I somewhat agree with you. I think the Magic have just as much talent as the Lakers and Boston. I don’t know what this Jason guy is talking about saying the Lakers have more talent then Boston. Boston easiliy has four guys, possibly five that could be all-stars this year if this league wasn’t an entertainment industry (Donaghy Words). I am probably bias but I think the C’s have the best starting five and bench in the league. You can’t find the talent and depth at every position that we have on any other team. 1-10, once Glen Davis gets back could all be starters on some of the bottom feeding teams. You can’t say the same about the Lakers, Magic, or even Cavs. The main issue with this team is going to be whether or not they can bring it every night. They are on a good run right now and need to keep their confidence high. We had one bad run and everybody is using that against us. Get over it, the Celtics are back, and if they are streaking going into the playoffs its not going to be good for the rest of these teams.

  • cj

    No offense but your players coming off the bench for the Celtics are good players but not starters on any otherteam in the league, maybe a couple… Not to mention when the C’s second team steps on the floor did you notice one of the BIG 3 is always out there? Usually Pierce or Allen. The Magic throw another 5 FRESH legs on the floor and in their last match up (if you read the stats) pretty much beat the C’s bench in every category. Orlandos bench is made up of starters from other teams and players other teams WANT as their starters, J.J. and Anthony Johnson would be two players that would be back ups on most teams, but are two guys who are playing great this year. Howard comes to the bench in foul trouble or in the 2nd quarter like Van Gundy usually has all his starters do and Gortat doesn’t miss a beat Gortat is a top 5 center in the leauge and he has the pay check to proove it just not the Minutes, you should know that first hand from the playoffs last year when Howard was suspended in the Philly series and Gortat stepped in and grabbed 15 boards, how good would A Dallas team be with Kidd, Marion, Nowitzki, Gortat and Howard of been, they’re already doing well now. And honestly I dont think it matters how deep you are because L.A. like I said before are the defending champs and other then adding Artest and loosing Ariza, are pretty much the same scary team. Unfortunately in your case Bpaul the Cavs will probably give Orlando more trouble then the Celtics, but then again thats just my opinion. But if your talking about DEEP… look at the stats and players on other teams before you say you have the DEEPEST team, granted you have a great bench but deeper then Orlando, ummmmmm Yea I dont think you could win this argument.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com bpaul

    I think anyone who knows the NBA knows the Celtics bench is the best in the league. We got a guy that killed your team (Orlando) in last year’s playoff series in the absence of KG, Glen Davis. If your telling me he couldn’t be a starter your crazy.

    And if your also telling me Gortat is better than Sheed then your crazy. Granted Gortat is a good BENCH player but he is not a top 5 center in the league.

    The only player I would give props to maybe getting a starting job, and that’s a maybe, is Pietrus and that’s because i’ve witnessed him do work first hand.

    We also have Marquis Daniels (Starter in Indy), Rasheed Wallace (Starter in Detroit), and Eddie House who’s role is similar to Pietrus.

    I think you are basing everything off LAST year, and that’s ok because last year we took a KG-less, Rasheed-less, Daniels-less team to seven games. I can only imagine what we can do with an improved bench and a healthy KG (EC Player of the week).

    And I don’t even want to hear about the game earlier in the year against Orlando, the Celtics were slumping, KG was still average, and we weren’t playing as a team. A healthy and rejuvinated Celtics team is one your going to be wishing you didn’t over-look. I can gurantee that.

  • cj

    Ok maybe you didn’t READ anything I wrote or maybe you didn’t want to, because like you said YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ANY OF THE THINGS I SAID. Ummm first off I said a couple of guys such as Quis and Davis could be starters, and Rasheed Wallace is not close to the player he once was, just look at his numbers, and just the way he plays, I have NBA ticket I watch alot of games, I dont just read stats and watch sportcenter…. If Gortat had those minutes he would be way more productive then “Chuck a 3 Sheed”. And Big Baby is A good player but he didn’t Kill us last year because sorry to say it but we made it the FINALS! Another thing about this not wanting to hear about the game earlier this year, if you actually read the first post I wrote, the magic were as you like to say “slumping”…. We had bench players starting, and not to mention only had I believe 8 players suit up…. And do something for me….. NAME 5 REAL TRUE CENTERS IN THIS LEAUGE! NOT PF’S, CENTERS, and dont say Yao or Oden. Gortat did not get offered that money by Dallas because hes a “GOOD bench player”. By the way EDDIE house great spark off the Bench but not close to the same role as Pietrus, see Pietrus is a great defender and can shoot the three ball. Eddie is a 3 point specialist like J.J. Saying Sheed was a starter at Detroit means really nothing to me because Antonio McDyss was a starter too… Hes A BENCH player with San Antonio, both players are old. Just because players you have may have started for other teams doesn’t mean that team really had any talent or depth at that position. Before you make your argument please read what I wrote, so I dont have to reiterate what I’ve already written. And hopefully you wont be making the excuse the next 3 times we play Boston that they are still slumping…. And by the way I dont overlook any teams, I just know which teams are more of a threat then others, through evaluation and research. You apparantly do neither of those two things, shown by your lack of reading and comprehension skills. And by the way KG is still playing average….

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    That last sentance just shows me you are just another hater. KG average? Look at our player of the week page for some “average” stats that KG had this past week. LOL. I guess all the players on the Magic must be horrible because I didn’t see them getting Eastern Conference player of the week.

    Also saying Gortat is more productive then Sheed is crazy, just plain crazy. Sheed does more things for our team then Gortat could ever imagine doing. He spread’s the floor on offense, he bugs the living shit out of opponents on defense, has very good post work (when he wants too), and rains down from 3. What can Gortat do? Rebound and put up a easy layup? He’s not a skill player at all, he’s just another goofy white center. The one reason Gortat does put up “decent” numbers is because there are no TRUE centers in the league these days. Match him up with Perk, Bynum, Shaq, or Howard (Even though they are on the same team) and the guy would play like a guy with the name GORTAT should.

    Again I’m not attacking Orlando in any way. I think they are a very solid team and will match up good against us when BOTH teams are healthy. The fact that you make it a point to write FINALS is hillarious. You know damn well, as well as I do, that if KG was healthy the Magic would have been having an early exit. I would not be proud at all losing to a team in seven games against a team without there best player.

    I also want to know which bench players were starting against us in the game earlier this season. I’m sure you would love to use the Jameer Nelson excuse but in all reality Pietrus or Williams is just as good of fit. Please trust me when I say, and refer back to me on Christmas day, that the Celtics are going to go into Orlando on Christmas and leave with a victory. Don’t argue now, just wait and see what happens.

  • Koberules24

    Bpaul… Sheed is done, the guy is out of shape and clearly not the player he once was. no, he’s not better than Gortat, he’s not even better than brandon bass at this moment. Good luck to your celtics, they’re gonna need it because this Orlando team is loaded and they should be back in the finals against the lakers.

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  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    CJ- I respected what you said at first and thought you made some valid points. Since that comment you have gone a little too far. Starting with “KG is still average”. Have you seen that portion of the pregame show on Monday Night Football where they say, “COME ON MANNN”.. Well… COME ON MANNN. You know that isn’t true. He started out the year getting back into the groove and has gotten back into it- and it wasnt against dub teams he did it against. I think you want to tell yourself that is true because you know what happens when it is not. The Magic are both good and deep.. however.. Gortat is not a top 5 center in the league. You would first have to argue wanting him in the game over: Brooke Lopez, Kendrick Perkins, Shaq, Dwight Howard, Bynum, Andrew Bogut, even Mehmet Okur if you want to go that far. That is 7 centers that I would put in over Gortat every day of the year. I think if you took off your Magic hat- You too would do the same.

  • cj

    Bpaul, First things first UMMM I dont know how you havent seen Dwight win eastern confrence player of the week award twic already… O wait I know its because you dont pay attention to anything else in the NBA other then the C’s. Please do the research before you speak. Second Pietrus is are starting small forward…. how is he just as GOOD of a fit in Nelsons place? (POINT GAURD)…. And Willams is running the team well with a 5/1 assist, t.o. ratio but NELSON IS AN ALL STAR! On any given night he can score 3 times as much as Williams and can still distribute the ball just as well if not better. Please dont be ignorant, atleast give me a better arument then that. “COME ONNN MANNNN!” (STOLE YOUR LINE GREENBANNER HOPE YOU DONT MIND) AND BY THE WAY HE DIDNT PLAY IN THE PLAYOFF SERIES vs THE C’S EITHER LAST YEAR… So dont bring up KG. And if you were a real Celtics fan you would know your best player is Paul Pierce hands down. On to Gortat… Gortat is not a “goofy white-boy”. Hes a great defender and has a pretty darn good low post game but C’s fan’s such as yourself wouldn’t know that because they dont watch Magic games. I will admit this, 5 years ago Sheed is the better player without a doubt, but this is 09′ and hes just not the same, hes old now. IM GOING TO SAY THIS ONE MORE TIME SO YOU UNDERSTAND . IF GORTAT HAD SHEEDS MINUTES HE WOULD BE MORE PRODUCTIVE THEN SHEED IS NOW. It wont happen because Howard is the better center, and in Van Gundy’s system he wants the other four players to spread the floor (perimeter players)…. Greenbanner in reply to your post, saw Kevin play tonight and he played well, the team looked good. But to be honest I will take the “Magic-hat” off and tell you that I would take Gortat over Okur, the C’s beloved Perkins and Bogut any day possibly even over Lopez(who looks great on a shitty team). Due to the fact that the only player who plays just as well if not better on defense is perkins, but Perkins isnt really an offensive threat, Gortat can score the ball. I dont think that any of those other centers could play the type of D Gortat can. And as a Celtic fan dont you pride yourself on tenacious D? Gortat is a starting Center on most teams anywhere else in the leauge… He just cant prove it because he doest play. Look it up and do the research for yourself, Points per min. Blocks per min. When Dwight was out last year during the regular season and playoffs he played unbelievable, the team did not miss a beat. He had 18pts and 12 reb. in Utah and 12pts 15 rebs. in philly not to mention all the games he had where Howard was in foul trouble. Like I said he got paid that money because he has SKILLS, I will agree hes GOOFY in the sense that hes goofy LOOKING white boy. And Bpaul I will be there at the game on Christmas center court to watch the Celtics “slump” again. Look for me ;-)

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    First of read my comment. I never said Magic don’t have somebody who couldn’t be Eastern Conference Player of the Week. I was refering to the past week and I was saying it as sarcasm because its sad that you haters can’t get over the fact that KG is back (another strong performance last night).

    As far as the better player on the team, if you watch the Celtics and know basketball you would know KG is more important then Pierce. This is coming from a fan who’s favorite player is Pierce. KG is the heart and soul of this team, he brings way more than what you see in the box score. Right from his chest pumping intensity before the tip, to his intensity during the game, and to his knock down jumper he is more valuable than anyone else on the team. (Rated 7th best player of the decade).

    As for Gortat, stop. Please stop. Stop, stop , stop, stop. Your doing yourself no favors here. Gortat – 3.8ppg and 3.6rpg in 16 minutes. Decent, but your really caught up in trying to prove your point by saying he’s better than Perk, Bogut, Lopez, and Okur. When Gortat is the second best center in the NBA I’m heading over to Europe to watch basketball. If he was really so good, and the NBA GM’s “really knew basketball” then another team would have paid more money for the second best cent… I can’t even say it, it makes me feel stupid.

    Oh one more thing.. comparing Nelson to KG is like lake show fans trying to compare Bynum to KG. It doesn’t even compare, neither one of those guys are even close to KG’s status.

  • cj

    YOU SAID “Look at our player of the week page for some “average” stats that KG had this past week. LOL. I guess all the players on the Magic must be horrible because I didn’t see them getting Eastern Conference player of the week.” Im sorry but I didnt get the sarcasm because Im on a COMPUTER! And I really dont think you were sarcastic anyway. Second Pierce is your more important player, If he injured himself this year theres no way they would go as far as a team… I didnt EVER once say Gortat is the second best Center, and im not going to keep typing the same thing over and over, if you read GREENBANNERS comment then mine you might have a clue. I dont think you just started to feel stupid, i think you have been feeling stupid this entire time.


    As a player you can not compare Nelson to KG. But as IMPORTANCE to Orlando’s team you can definitely comare. He is just as important to Orlando as KG is to the C’S.

    Your all about reaction to what I say and you make yourself look even dumber then you already are beause you pretty much dont read a DAMN thing I write stop arguing if you have nothing smart to say. Atleast brain storm before you write again so I dont have to repeat myself.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Can’t come back with evidence to prove your points so you responded by saying I’m dumb, that’s cool. If you said Gortat is better than all the centers you listed who does that leave left? Howard? Maybe Bynum? That would be saying he is third best which is a joke. Sometimes you have to put your Magic bias and Celtics hate to the side so you don’t sound like a complete fool.

    You can say Pierce is an important as KG, but what are your reasons? Don’t just say it and expect me to accept it. Show me some evidence to back it up.

    Nelso just as IMPORTANT to Orlando, as KG is to the C’s, joke. I could make a book of jokes out of some of the stuff you are saying. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Magic are a good team. I’m not taking nothing away from them, they have a very solid starting five, and a good bench. You are just taking it to the next level by saying things totally ridiculous to make me try to think Orlando is better than Boston. Please stop, it’s not going to happen.

  • cj

    Ya it leaves BYNUM… And all i have done is give you facts that you will argue with no matter what this entire thing started with you telling me the Celtics bench is better then Orlando’s. Plain and simple answer IT ISNT. Orlando is DEEPER and if I was another forum then I might have a few more that agree. And yes Nelson, Orando’s ALL STAR point gaurd, is just as important to Orlando as KG is to the C’s. And I already told you why Pierce is more important, hes your teams Captain and honestly if you lost Paul you wouldnt make it close to as far as you would then if you lost KG. So basically what your saying is, stats dont matter or what the experts say dont matter, just your dumb ass opinion…. Right well you go ahead and keep jerkin off to your pictures of KG up on your wall, while on Dec 25th I’ll be at the game watching your team “slump” again. What are you going to make as your excuse then? We already beat you once with 8 players on our roster in Boston, you had all of your staters. Cant wait to hear your new dumbass excuse.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    Wow, I tried being proffesional for a while but I’m going to say it, your a dumb ass. Any one who knows sports, even the guys on ESPN know the Celtics bench is better than Orlando’s. Who do you have, really? Gor.. Nope I can’t say it, the guy’s a joke. If Gortat is your best bench player your in serious trouble.

    Here you go again saying stuff without any evidence or stats to back it up. Nelson is just as important as KG, PROVE IT. I don’t think anyone else that follows the NBA besides homer Magic fans would even think about saying that.

    And here you go again, Pierce is more important. WHY? He is our captain but does that mean every team’s captain is the most valuable, No. It mean’s they are a leader.

    You also prove you don’t know shit by saying that the Magic had 8 players on the roster in Boston. Look back at the damn box score, did you forget that Lewis was back when you played us? You had 10 damn people that played in a close game. Oh you didn’t have Bass or Nelson. I don’t count Nelson on your team because the softie never plays, he’s more injury prone then a two year old girl out there.

    If you dont’ think Boston was in a slump when we played the Magic you are crazy. Just wait, just wait. I’ll understand when you don’t come back here December 25th, you don’t want to hear me say, I told you so.

    Keep relishing in your game seven victory over a KG-less Celtics team, and a early season victory over a team that hadn’t got it together yet. KG is back, the defense is back, and we are ready to put a whooping on that sorry team you call the Magic.

  • Just the Messenger

    “Popavich said the same thing about the Celtics by the way.” The difference is, the Spurs have not played both the Lakers and the Celtics, and the Suns have.

  • http://TheNoLookPass.Com Rey-Rey

    I just stumbled on to this article. It’s well-written and you’ve had some very good points. I understand it’s a Celtics blog and all but you could’ve done without the Fakers in the title.

    Anyway, there really isn’t much the Lakers can do with their schedule. What are they supposed to do when they’re handed a schedule that has like 95 home games in November and December? Lose? I think they’ll be fine on the road. It’s not like they’re a young, inexperienced team who’s never been to the postseason; they’re the champions. They should be okay. I imagine you’d defend yourself like this, too, if the Celtics had a favorable early schedule.

    More points in this post: http://www.thenolookpass.com/2009/12/10/the-winning-streak-yeah-its-nice/

  • tom

    The Celtics are the Lakers daddy, beating them 9 out of 11 times in the finals.

    Heres the proof:

    The Celtics have had the Lakers number in the past, have it presently and will continue to do so in the future.

    Go Celtics the 17 time NBA world champions, Americas team and the NBA’s greatest dynasty!!!!

    Heres the proof:

  • Robert

    Soft schedule? How about the teams that the Celtics have beaten during their “impressive” 11-game winning streak? Only 3 of them had/have winning records: Miami, San Antonio and Oklahoma City. And the best record of the teams the Celtics beat? 9-7. The best record now? 12-10 by the Spurs with the other two 1 whopping game over .500. I won’t even get into several of the close wins over such bad teams as the Knicks, the 76ers, the Wizards and the Grizzlies over the course of the streak… not to mention a couple of other wins against Miami and San Antonio were a lot closer than the final score indicated.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Bpaul

    If they are so close may I ask why the Celtics currently have the largest margin of victory in the league? You also forgot to mention 7 of these 11 games were on the road.

    What do the Lakers have for road games so far? 6 out of 22? Something like that. They go on the road against a decent team and look what happens. They lose to Utah and Denver. 12-2 at home, 4-2 on the road. If they keep up that trend they will finish the season around 27-14 on the road and 35-6 at home for a record of 62-20. A solid record but nowhere near what Lakers fans make them out to be. Let’s get a better sample of what they can do on the road then we will talk.