Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Rondo Crack Top 50

According to Sporting News, 4 Celtics players are in the top 50 current NBA players. The all-star panel selected Kobe Bryant to be the top ranked player over Lebron James. As far as the C’s roster, Garnett came in 7th, Pierce 10th, Ray Allen 27th, and Rondo 38th.

I have a problem with Rondo being so far down on the list while point guards like Derrick Rose, Devin Harris, and Gilbert Arenas all rank higher. According to this list, Rondo is the 11th ranked Point Guard. Questionable. The list also throws Elton Brand in at 45th, Yao Ming at 15th, and Tracy McGrady at 24. Brand hasnt competed at a high level in 2 years, Yao Ming is done for, and TMac cant keep himself “healthy” enough to play a whole season.

The complete list can be found at: NBA’s Top 50 Players: All- Star Panel Picks Kobe Bryant No. 1 Over LeBron James

Comment with your objections to the list.

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  • bpaul

    There’s so many jokes in this last I don’t know where to start. Well let’s start out first by saying I personally think Lebron is better than Kobe, I dislike both of them but Lebron is a better basketball player.

    Nene at 37? Misprint? Ahead of guys like Rondo, Iguodala, and Rudy Gay. Bogus.

    I’m also unsure of what to take from this list. Is it historically who’s better, or who’s better right now? If it’s better right now I have ALOT of objections.

    Nash at 11? Yao and Shaq at 15 and 16? Guys like J-Kidd (23), Baron Davis (32), and Devin Harris (33) ahead of Rondo? Brandon Roy at 14, ahead of guys like Durant, Chris Bosh, and Danny Granger?

    Putting my bias to the side I also think KG at 7, and Duncan at 5 is overrated. Right now I believe Dirk and Carmelo are better players.