Kendrick Perkins The…… Beast? Maybe?

So far this season, we have yet to see the dominant Perkins defense. Of course he lost weight in the offseason, but did this take away from the game he was so used to using? In the past he has had his body size to his advantage. This year he decided to take being in shape, and in return quicker, over the body mass. You would think this would help him stay in position against the more athletic Centers in the league. This has not been so thus far into this season.

A  few weeks back, in a game against the New Jersey Nets, Perkins was matched up against Brooke Lopez. With a first name like Brooke, Kendrick “The Beast” Perkins should be able to limit his play completely. The opposite was true as Lopez had his way and dropped in 23 points. As I remember, a large majority of these were open jumpshots, though, thus was not completely relative to the size of Perkins, but does relate to the opposing centers scoring on the Celtics.

Then in the game against Orlando, we expected a huge matchup between Perkins and Dwight Howard. There was a lot of hype about the duel they would get into, as Perk pretty much put Howard where he wanted him  in last years playoffs. None of this could be played out, as Kendrick found himself in foul trouble very early, and only played out 14 minutes through the entire game, as the Celtics gave Sheed some good time off the bench.

Two nights ago against the 76ers, in not such a key role of guarding Dalembert, Perkins was only able to manage playing 22.5 minutes as he had 5 fouls coming down the stretch. Either way, enough of the examples. There are more like the game agains the Knicks and such, but I’m not going to drag on about everything Perkins is doing wrong. The point is, we make him a key matchup based on his play against the top tier centers in the league last year. I considered him the best one on one defensive center in the league, and I still stand by that. The thing that needs to change is he needs to foul less, to stay in longer. I am not worried a bit about his play as I look forward into the season. The entire defense is struggling right now, and that rubs off on every player, including Perk. Afterall, in the opening night, he did a very good job on O’Neal after Shaq went on his little 1st quarter run.

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  • North Station Sports

    All of the examples you cite have two things in common… FOUL TROUBLE and REDUCED MINUTES.

    Perk has improved so much this season. Looking like a new player offensively and taking a more vocal role w the team defensively. He is the most under-rated player on the team.

    Perk has been a victim of early foul trouble (possibly caused by frustration over the team’s play) and Doc’s rotations. Even when Perk is not in foul trouble, Doc seems to use Sheed in closing minutes of the fourth more often. Perk, as a result, plays under 30 minutes and has a reduced impact on the over-all game. Keep in mind, Perk is averaging the least minutes (26) of all starters.

  • greenbanner18

    Right, and I guess another thing I am proposing is after being in better shape, shouldn’t Perk have better movement and foul less? I think Doc has been using Sheed in some games to close out due to the need of offense. We give up more points – we need more points- Doc thinks Sheed will spread the floor to give us more points. Has that been true so far? Maybe, maybe not.
    Some games like the Knicks where he is matched against David Lee, I guess given his reputation as a defensive player, I don’t expect Lee to put in 22. Like I said, I’m not worried about Perkins in the least bit.