Kevin Garnett: What Me Worry?

Word on the street is Kevin Garnett will miss at least the next four games because of a sore right knee.  Everybody’s up in arms.  Everybody’s down on the Celtics.  Everybody’s going to town on the Celtics.  Not so Sweet Georgia Brown on the Celtics.  Relax.  Frankie Goes To Hollywood style.  Just listen to your Uncle Houdini.  Everything’s gonna be all right. 

I’ve heard all the criticisms.  The nitwiticisms.  Oooooo, they’re not the team they were last year.  Oooooooo.  Withouth KG they’re done for.  Oooooo.  Get over yourselves.  The Boston Celtics are a nasty ballclub.  One very nasty ballclub.  You can bet your bippy the Big Ticket will be back for the post-season.  Do you want to face them then?  Home court or no home court?

Last I saw, the Celtics still own one of the four best records in the league.  Last I saw, Paul Pierce is still tearing it up.  Last I saw, Ray Allen is still loaded for bearing it up.  There is nothing to worry about sports fans.  Boston is just going through the meat grinder that is the NBA.  Come playoff time they will be fine.  Like my main man Randy Moss always says, “Haters keep hating, we’re coming!”

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