No Penalty For Kevin Garnett

According to league sources, Kevin Garnett will not be penalized for spreading some Christmas cheer at the end of the Celtics 106-104 loss to the Knicks Christmas day. As the game ended, KG and former Celtic/teammate Bill Walker became entangled and had to be separated by a host of players and coaches.

Garnett missed what would have been the game winner at the buzzer and appeared to be enraged over what Walker said to him following the failed shot attempt.

When asked about what he said, Walker said “”I can’t get into that. We were in the heat of the game. It was a tough game throughout, it was a dog fight. Nobody wanted to lose. It just came to a head right there and it’s over.”

On one hand, it is good to see KG play with passion, however, KG has to be smarter than this. Is Bill Walker really worth getting suspended over? Missing any portion of the season can be a crushing blow to the Celtics. The C’s are razor thin when it comes to bench depth and they cannot afford to miss another one of their starters for any period of time. In a 66-game schedule, the season is more of a sprint than a marathon.

The Celtics will look to bounce back tonight when they face the Heat in Miami.

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