Celtics Late Night Show: Episode 004 Special Guest Natalie Sitto



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Join us at 11pm tonight for the fourth episode of the Celtics Late Night Show. Nick, Brandon, and Travis will be live talking all things Celtics. Natalie Sitto a premiere Detroit Pistons blogger from Need4Sheed will join us to talk about the guy her site is named after. Natalie has watched Sheed for many years now and should have some interesting insider information. We also plan on asking Natalie what her take is on the Pistons recent 12-game losing streak.

Last week we aired our first ever segment of “Around The Hardwood” with Alex from NBA Tipoff, Alex will also join us tonight for the second installment of the segment. We are also excited to air our first ever version of “Ten in Ten”. Ten in Ten is a short ten minute segment with Matt Rury, a writer for Gino’s Jungle, which takes a look at the top ten teams in the league at this point in time. Matt and Brandon will both discuss their top ten teams and give a brief reasoning on why they choose them.

Celtics topics on tonight’s slate include, Big Baby’s physical appearance, the Celtics recently opened roster spot, and the Celtcs possible lack of mental focus at times. Join us as we will be taking your calls live, feel free to call in and chime in on anything we are talking about or bring up something of your own. But the only way you’ll find out what we talked about is by listening. If you are a early riser and can’t listen to the show live remember that you can listen to the archived version or download the show off of iTunes. Hope you enjoy!!!

If you haven’t listened to the audio teaser, including a hillarious prank phone call from Bob, you can do so here.

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