Friday of Horrors

Since the beginning of the 07-08 season, the Boston Celtics have been all but unstoppable on Friday night games at the Garden. Up until the home game against the Suns this year, they were 27-2 in these games. Believe me when I say that the majority of those 29 games in the past two years were against good competition. Every Friday night a team would step foot into the TD Garden, and 93% of the time the Celtics walked away with the W. The same can not be said for the C’s previous two Friday night matchups.

Two weeks ago, the Celtics put their 6-0 record on the line as the Phoenix Suns came in for a showdown. The Suns came in and completely exposed our perimeter and transition defense. The bottom line  is Phoenix shot lights out, and the Celtics couldnt put together enough offense against an awful defense. Then last week the Hawks came in and out hustled the C’s in every aspect of the game. Atlanta out rebounded us on the offensive glass and put back many second chance points. On our offensive end there was litte rhythm, and little teamwork.

Tomorrow night is a Friday night (for those of you who dont know). Will the Celtics continue their streak of Friday night losses? Or, will they turn it around and defend their homecourt against a team we may likely see in the playoffs? Only time will tell. A loss to the Magic would be easier for me to handle as they are amongst the powerhouses of the NBA. Sorry but the Suns and Hawks are not. I think the Celtics will play up to the level of their opponent, and when they do that, they are unbeatable.

  • andrewmelnick

    Thanks for the kind words. The Magic did not play well in their other “statement game” against the Cavs, but Ryan Anderson and Rashard Lewis are back and VC looked the best he has all season Wednesday.

    I’ll be out of town watching my alma mater (that sounds weird) Florida State play Saturday so I won’t be able to join your chat. Don’t worry, I’ll still see the game and I will be directing my readers to your chat.

    Keep the good work. We really needed the Celtics to be represented here and you guys are already doing an excellent job.

  • andrewmelnick

    Oh, by the way, I was born in Lawrence, Mass and moved to Orlando when I was 10. I have a family of full of Celtics fans and I will hear about it if the Magic lose so this game is even more meaningful to me, haha.

  • North Station Sports

    Nice Read. Interesting tidbits on Friday night games. I wonder what their ESPN record is… Seems majority of their nationally televised losses came at the mic of Mark Jackson (another reason to hate the goof– lol).