Boston Celtics: 5 free agents to pursue from the Northwest division

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Finally, the 2020 NBA season is over. The Boston Celtics have finally been taken around back and put out of their misery but the Brooklyn Nets. With complete and utter chaos following, Danny Ainge is now out following his retirement and Brad Stevens steps in as the President of Basketball Operations.

With all the excitement starting to die down, it’s time to get back to focusing on the team itself and where it can improve. The easiest way is of course through free agency by acquiring proven players that you know have experience, in most cases, rather than through banking everything on the NBA draft.

Trade rumors galore, the players that are on the team are still in Boston. We are going to ignore those rumors and these free agents to pursue are players that I, personally, think would help this Celtics team moving forward.

This piece and series is in no way a prediction of what will happen this offseason, this is just players that I would like to see in a Celtics uniform in 2021. Of course, not all of these players are going to be superstars or somebody to call home about, but an NBA team keeps 15 players on the roster, so not everybody is going to be a big name.

Which free agents from the Northwest division should the Boston Celtics pursue?

This edition will be for the Northwest division, the first of the Western Conference. The Atlantic, Central, and Southeast divisions have already been completed.

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