Do you remember? Forgotten Boston Celtics of the last decade

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Tremont Waters
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Tremont Waters

In 2018, the Celtics drafted a six-foot-nine, two-time SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Robert Williams III. The following June, they selected 5-foot-10 SEC Defensive Player of the Year in Tremont Waters.

Apparently, Boston had a type.

Waters was a standout for the Cs G-League team, weaving through defenders and showing off the playmaking ability that made him special at LSU. He had the skills, but his size was too great of a hindrance. 

The pesty defensive prowess was lost in the land of the giants, the NBA. The offense wasn't much better, shooting a putrid 36% during his tenure. Even though Waters showed enough to stick around for two years, he only checked into 37 games. Waters left Boston in 2021 to sign with the Milwaukee Bucks and got waived a month later.