Kristaps Porzingis's injury a result of Celtics big man selling out for title

Kristaps Porzingis sold out for an NBA title and is now facing the consequences
Kristaps Porzingis sold out for an NBA title and is now facing the consequences / Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics center Kristaps Porzingis sold out for Banner 18 and it was 100% worth it.

However, the championship has come at a cost with Porzingis needing surgery to repair a torn retinaculum and dislocated posterior tibialis tendon.

After a successful surgery, Porzingis now faces a 5-6 month recovery, highlighting the sacrifice it took to win a championship.

Most people don’t realize how much sacrifice it takes to win a championship. Players are forced to spend time away from family and play through injuries all for the betterment of the team. The beauty of sports is that the team is ultimately bigger than oneself. 

Porzingis deserves tremendous credit for sacrificing his long-term health to put the Celtics in a position to secure the long-awaited 18th title in franchise history. When you break it down and consider the injury he was dealing with, it's absurd that he suited up and played in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Porzingis was truly willing to risk his life on the parquet floor. 

Will Kristaps Porzingis's fighting spirit come back to haunt him?

Now, it remains to be seen whether the decision to come back and play will hurt Porzingis in the long run or come back to haunt him. One thing we do know is that Porzingis is going to do the best he can to come back healthy on time to give the Cs another shot at an NBA title.

Even if Porzingis never returns to elite form, I would argue that selling out for a championship was worth it. Championships are hard to come by in professional sports, so when you do have an opportunity to win one, you have to do whatever it takes. Porzingis will be remembered for the courage and bravery he showed by returning in the 2024 NBA Finals.

Ultimately, the Cs Banner 19 chances aren’t entirely going to be decided by the health of Porzingis, but it will play a role in the pursuit.