Jrue Holiday lauds coach he had for five days before Boston Celtics trade

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls
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Before Jrue Holiday was traded to the Boston Celtics, he was a member of the Portland Trail Blazers for a total of five days. During that time, Chauncey Billups was a major help in Holiday adjusting to life after being abruptly traded by the Milwaukee Bucks; at least as Holiday tells it.

“It meant a lot,” Holiday said of Billups' helping hand (h/t Inside The Celtics). “Being able to see a coach that has my best interests (in mind). And you could see it and you could hear it, which a lot of times maybe some players don’t get a chance to see that from a coach. So he definitely had my best interest (at heart) from the beginning. And he just always looked out for me."

Billups said that his own experiences helped the 33-year-old find his footing in a new, albeit temporary, home in Portland.

“It was a little tough spot for him, getting traded,” Billups said. “Kind of being blindsided by that. I’ve been there. So just being able to talk with him like that because I know him. And it was for important for me that a good person like him, who’s been great on every team and every community, for him to be treated properly.”

Boston Celtics' Jrue Holiday respected by all NBA peers

Billups and Holiday faced off for five seasons before the former retired in 2014. "Mr. Big Shot" clearly respects Holiday, enough to guide him despite knowing the veteran was likely to be dealt from the rebuilding Trail Blazers.

Another NBA peer who respects Holiday is Paul George, who said Holiday was the toughest player to score on out of anyone he's ever faced.

“Toughest player to score on? Probably Jrue [Holiday]... Jrue got locks like, he’s strong as s***, he’s quick, and like he loves to play defense like that is the worst thing," George said on "Podcast P with Paul George." "Like that is the worst trait that you could go up against somebody that loves to play defense. Like those are always the toughest matchups for me offensively when the guys are like super shorter than me…He has anticipation he has instincts, he knows your like tendencies like he’s a cerebral defender."

When you're as good as Holiday on the court, and as good of a teammate off the court, as many can attest to, respected peers have your back.