Six-time All-NBAer sees Boston Celtics' Jrue Holiday as toughest player to score on

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks
Boston Celtics v New York Knicks / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

Boston Celtics guard Jrue Holiday was called the toughest player to score on by Paul George during an appearance on "Podcast P with Paul George."

The 33-year-old, according to George, actually likes playing defense, which is the "worst thing" for any player Holiday is guarding.

“Toughest player to score on? Probably Jrue [Holiday]... Jrue got locks like, he’s strong as s***, he’s quick, and like he loves to play defense like that is the worst thing," George said. "Like that is the worst trait that you could go up against somebody that loves to play defense. Like those are always the toughest matchups for me offensively when the guys are like super shorter than me…He has anticipation he has instincts, he knows your like tendencies like he’s a cerebral defender”

On the subject of defense, George said he'd like to see more chippyness and fewer flagrant fouls.

"I think the NBA needs to let a little bit more of the chippyness, the scrappiness," George prefaced before saying, "The flagrants are too [much]. That will ultimately, not in a bad way as we’ve been good at preventing injuries and stars being able to play but I think the ticky-tack stuff you gotta eliminate that shit. Let dudes play, let there be a little more banter and shit talking…I think it’s just gotta be a little more raw.”

Boston Celtics unlikely to trade Jrue Holiday in offseason

Holiday's Team USA involvement likely means that an extension with the Celtics is brewing. If it's not, though, Holiday is likely to opt into his $37 million player option.

What we do know is that the trade price for Holiday likely precludes a deal.

"Any offers for White or Holiday would be significant," MassLive's Brian Robb prefaced before saying, "White probably has more value now due to his age after his breakout play this year but I think you are looking at 2-3 first round picks and/or promising young talent for either guy. Ultimately, moving one of them later this decade probably makes the most sense from a depth standpoint on paper but dealing a bigger contract (Brown?) may ease the financial and team-building burden even more. If the Celtics have won a title by 2025, the odds of that go down significantly. If not, something will have to give by that point in all likelihood."

The hardest man to score on will be a Celtic indefinitely. Not bad.