Jayson Tatum shines on CBS Mornings show with inspiring announcement

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Jayson Tatum addressed multiple topics during an appearance on CBS Mornings Show

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum has officially blossomed into a superstar – on and off the court. The five-time All-Star and reigning All-Star Game MVP made a guest appearance on the CBS Mornings show to make a special announcement.

Tatum revealed a partnership his foundation, The Jayson Tatum Foundation, has made with banking company SoFi to promote generational wealth for low-income, single-parent families in his hometown of St. Louis. The SoFi Generational Wealth Fund will make a multi-year donation of more than $1 million to help these families with financial literacy and homeownership opportunities. 

This incredible generational wealth fund hits home for Tatum, who grew up with a single mother living paycheck to paycheck to keep her family afloat. Tatum has often praised his mother, Brandy Cole-Barnes, for the sacrifices she made to help the All-NBA superstar eventually achieve his dream and create generational wealth for his own family.

Tatum spoke to Nate Burleson of CBS about why the partnership means so much to him.

"It’s organic to myself. Being able to partner with SoFi on something that we are both passionate about … growing up in St. Louis in a single-parent household, understanding how valuable this would have been to me and my mother. Being able to generational wealth for myself and then change a community and change the places where I came from with that."

Jayson Tatum

Tatum went on to call his mother his best friend, shouting her out as an inspiration for his foundation’s new partnership. In Tatum’s words, she “sacrificed everything that she had to put me in a position to achieve my dream,” which indirectly led to the wealth Tatum can now use to give back to the people and places he cares about most.

Over the years, many Celtics fans have fallen in love with Tatum’s relationship with his son. Jayson Tatum Jr., famously known as “Deuce,” is six years old and has grown up in a much different environment than his father did.

Tatum talked about the lessons he wants to pass on to Deuce as he gets older and more mature.

"As a parent, you want your child to grow up in a better situation than you did. While he is six, it might be too early to have those conversations. We will have those conversations eventually, how to respect money and how Dad worked for these things … to provide him and give him a leg up when he gets older, to set him up for whatever he wants to achieve financially and in his career."

Jayson Tatum

Later in the show, Tatum was asked about NBA legend Charles Barkley’s recent comments doubting Boston’s toughness and ability to get over the championship hump. Tatum addressed Barkley’s criticisms with respectful disagreement.

"You have to give them respect, those are the guys that paved the way for the younger players like myself … You don’t always have to agree, but you have to respect it because of the work that they put in. I understand that in the times we’re in, nobody can win a championship until they do it. Nobody’s going to give us the credit until we do it, and that’s fine. We don’t necessarily pay attention to the outside noise. There’s a group of us in that locker room that go to war with each other every day, and we’re up for the challenge."

Jayson Tatum on Celtics' criticism

Funnily enough, Tatum will have the opportunity to partner up with Barkley and Draymond Green for his TNT Sports analyst debut at the upcoming All-Star Game, per The Athletic (subscription required).

With his sights set on Banner 18, Tatum continues to excel as a leader and role model for younger generations on and off the court.