Jayson Tatum shares more reasonable version of LeBron James' infamous guarantee

Jayson Tatum didn't quite promise eight championships like LeBron James once did to Miami Heat fans
Jayson Tatum didn't quite promise eight championships like LeBron James once did to Miami Heat fans / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The official Boston Celtics X account shared a video of Jayson Tatum holding the Larry O'Brien Trophy and promising the Cs fanbase several more championships after finally getting the job done in 2023-24.

“Happy to be here for another five years, for the long haul," Tatum said of his Supermax extension. "This is what we do it for. Looking forward to getting a couple more of these.”

Tatum's message was a more reasonable version of LeBron James's infamous "not one, not two, not three..." speech during the Miami Heat's Big Three unveiling in 2010 when he promised seven titles to South Beach.

Jayson Tatum and Boston Celtics could have staying power LeBron James' teams never had

What Tatum can accomplish with the Celtics could well dwarf what James achieved with any one franchise. James' time with Miami was his most successful, with two titles and four straight trips to the Finals, but it only lasted four years. He did another four years in the Finals when he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers but only brought one Larry O'Brien to his hometown team. His Los Angeles Lakers stint has yielded one ring and looks like it'll end that way.

And worst yet, he'll spend the most time with the Lakers when it's all said and done compared to the Heat or Cavs.

Tatum's Cs aren't going anywhere. Jaylen Brown is 27 and Kristaps Porzingis is 28. At just 26, Tatum is already ahead of schedule compared to other great scorers throughout the years. This team will be at the top of the totem pole for at least several years if injuries and/or the second luxury tax apron don't do their worst to the roster.

If the right ownership group takes/remains in control of the Celtics, the tax may not even matter in the long run.

Boston looks capable of winning several more titles with this core. And good on Tatum for not putting an exact number on it.

Because in hindsight, winning two titles but promising seven is a bad look.