Full contract details of Jayson Tatum and Derrick White Boston Celtics extensions revealed

Jayson Tatum and Derrick White have every reason to be happy with their paydays from the Boston Celtics
Jayson Tatum and Derrick White have every reason to be happy with their paydays from the Boston Celtics / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

Jayson Tatum and Derrick White got the bag from the Boston Celtics. Tatum's was historic, but White's was his first nine-figure payday in his career -- so everyone has a reason to celebrate an offseason that follows an 18th championship in franchise history.

Per Spotrac, Tatum received a five-year Supermax valued at $313,933,410. In 2029-30, he will be making over $71 million.

White, meanwhile, got a $125,888,003 extension over four years. His final season, 2028-29, will carry a $34.8 million cap hit.

No wonder Wyc Grousbeck is looking to sell the team. He won't have to take the heat if the Cs have to trade a fan favorite to get under the second apron under new ownership; if they get owners who will even be affected by such massive bills.

Wyc Grousbeck severing ties with Boston Celtics by 2028

Wyc Grousbeck released a statement through the Celtics explaining his divestment from the team by 2028 when the franchise is expected to have its sale finalized.

"Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C., the ownership group of the Boston Celtics, announced today its intention to sell all the shares of the team," the statement read. "The controlling family of the ownership group, after considerable thought and internal discussion, has decided to sell the team for estate and family planning considerations, the team said. The managing board of the ownership group expects to sell a majority interest in 2024 or early 2025, with the balance closing in 2028, and expects Wyc Grousbeck to remain as the Governor of the team until the second closing in 2028."

Grousbeck said he'd spend whatever it took to win a championship, but never promised a dynasty like LeBron James did. The roster may be able to be one, but someone else will be footing the bill for it. Several foreign countries could get involved with deep pockets that could scoff at the luxury tax that American owners are aiming to avoid.