Jaylen Brown and City of Boston have done 180 since his sharp criticisms

NBA champion Jaylen Brown has flipped not only himself but the city of Boston upside down but in a much brighter light.
Jaylen Brown has love for Boston after a rocky start with the city
Jaylen Brown has love for Boston after a rocky start with the city / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

Luke and Adi did it! You may be wondering who those people are but they're heroes — just like NBA champion Jaylen Brown.

Those two managed to retrieve Brown's ring that went missing during the city's historic parade; one that amassed a total head count that was beyond imagined.

In return, they will be courtside during Boston's ring ceremony on top of receiving a signed basketball and jersey handed by Brown himself.

"Brown — who took home both Eastern Conference Finals MVP and NBA Finals MVP honors this spring — also gifted them both a signed basketball and signed jersey," Boston.com's Conor Ryan relayed of the encounter between Brown and the fans.

It's amazing what the power of social media and helpful, strong and caring human beings can do to make a change. Obviously, the ring meant something to Brown despite having the luxury to buy five more of those if he really wanted to. The point is that this act of kindness shows that what you put out in the world is what you will get in return.

Amplifying that Brown is not only a great basketball player but even a better human. This is a complete 180-degree flip from his pastime as a member of the Boston Celtics.

Things were not always this way for Jaylen Brown and the City of Boston

Just last year, Brown told the media the cold-hard truth about what he thinks about the C's fan base. It would make you think a couple times over while contrasting from what's already been mentioned.

“It is a part of the fan base that exists within Celtic nation that is problematic,” Brown said (h/t NESN.com). “If you have a bad game, they tie it to your personal character.”

He points out that it's only a particular part of the fan base that is problematic — alluding that there is a "better side" some could say but that's subjective, of course.

What really matters now is how ever since that moment, Brown's career trajectory has skyrocketed, earning the Eastern Conference Finals MVP and NBA Finals MVP — awards analysts believed he would not have been able to obtain.

He's a champion on and off the court building upon his historic season.