What winning NBA Finals MVP means for Jaylen Brown moving forward

Jaylen Brown has silenced his critics and can now play freely moving forward
Jaylen Brown has silenced his critics and can now play freely moving forward / Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

In Game 7 of the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat, Jaylen Brown had a chance to silence his critics. Instead, he fell flat on his face and the Cs were eliminated once again on their home floor. Brown then received the biggest contract in NBA history, enabling his doubters to be even louder.

Flash forward one year later and Brown has helped the Celtics secure Banner 18, ending a 16-year title drought. More importantly, Brown won the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP award, proving his worth as a top 15 player in the NBA and that his contract may be a bargain after all.

Ultimately, the biggest thing for Brown is that he is now certified as a great player and it will take a huge burden off of his shoulders.

The difference a year makes was proven this season with Brown, who put together the best season wire-to-wire of his career. Brown had a different level of focus this season and he became a true leader after the departure of Marcus Smart. In the postseason, Brown was clutch, hitting the biggest shot in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Brown also saved his best for last, averaging 20.8 points, 5.4 rebounds, and five assists in the Finals. Although some people will say Tatum deserved to win MVP, I think Brown was better throughout the five games. Brown will now join an elite group of Celtics who have won the award. 

Jaylen Brown lifted significant narrative weight off his shoulders

The award will also allow Brown to relax and no longer worry about the pressure of having not won or the discourse surrounding his career. Brown proved all the doubters wrong and he has now validated his contract and place as a true co-star to Tatum.

It’s no longer a wide gap between Tatum and Brown as they are operating almost on a level playing field, similar to Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant in the early 2000s.

Ultimately, Brown is a huge winner this season and the hard work he has put in has paid off. Consider his $304 million Supermax money well spent.