Danny Ainge 'was always asking' about bringing two-time MVP to Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Introduce Kemba Walker
Boston Celtics Introduce Kemba Walker / Tim Bradbury/GettyImages

Boston Celtics fans should feel secure in knowing that from 2003-2021, Danny Ainge was doing anything possible to make the team a contender -- even going as far as hounding Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers to trade Steph Curry to the Cs frequently.

"I never was upset at anybody asking [for Curry]," Myers said (h/t Inside The Warriors). "The GM’s job is to mine for trades. That’s a GM’s job. But [Danny] Ainge was the one that was always asking... We just laughed. Like I said we have a really good relationship. But you know, you got to ask. I mean, everybody knew that wasn’t happening, so it was kind of a good laugh."

Myers revealed to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, who asked if the GM was "in Houston then and now in Philadelphia" and was met by Myers with a "him too," that Daryl Morey's Houston Rockets were also always in on Curry.

Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens loves watching Steph Curry

Back on April 17, 2021, Curry went for 47 points on 15/27 shooting overall and 11/19 from beyond the arc in a 119-114 Celtics victory at the TD Garden. Little did he know, it'd be the last game he'd coach against Curry, but Stevens shared pretty strong thoughts on No. 30.

“I just hate competing against him. But man, do I love watching him,” Stevens commented after the game (h/t NBA.com). “He is as fun to watch as any player because of his creativity, his mastery of shooting and you just never feel good when you're an opponent. You always feel like you're the next line of a fairy tale.”

It'd take trading at least two stars to land Curry, so that will never happen; ditto for any other headline name.

But having Brad means Boston has a guy who will never stop trying. Just like Ainge.