The complete history of Boston Celtics on the cover of NBA 2K

Jayson Tatum joins the history of the Celtics to be on the front cover of the most coveted basketball video game.
The Boston Celtics have had many players grace the cover of NBA 2K
The Boston Celtics have had many players grace the cover of NBA 2K / Brian Ach/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics have been receiving tons of media attention this year both on and off the court. On the court due to winning yet another NBA championship but off the court for incredible scenes that occurred during their celebratory parade following the NBA Finals.

It's been pretty wild to say the least.

Jayson Tatum in particular has received a very special recognition of his own — he's been given the front cover of basketball's most popular video game, NBA2K.

He's earned it and rightfully so, after countless years of falling short of making it to the NBA Finals or winning it all — the trials and tribulations make all of his accomplishments much more sweeter. Tatum would more than likely agree with this statement, too.

What's more interesting is that he was able to secure a cover before winning an MVP award, however, it's at your discretion to decide which is harder for an NBA player to earn. Regardless, if you play at all and are a Cs fan then this would be a great memorabilia to have down the road — a 2K cover with Tatum the same year he won it all.

Jayson Tatum is not the first Celtic to be on the front of NBA2K

Before Tatum, Kevin Garnett (2009) and Larry Bird (2012) made an appearance on the front cover. The gameplay between now and then was much different (no kidding) from the graphics, consoles and game modes.

However, there's one more Celtic that needs to be added to the list — kind of.

Kyrie Irving, who was traded on to Boston, had a cover of his own that began with the Cavaliers but 2K eventually made a Celtics edition, too.

To keep a tracker, that makes four different Celtics who have earned a spot on everyone's favorite basketball video game.