Jayson Tatum sports throwback look at Team USA practice

It's a throwback look that sets the tone for NBA champion Jayson Tatum.
Jayson Tatum brought back an old look at Team USA practice
Jayson Tatum brought back an old look at Team USA practice / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages

Jayson "Fresh Cut" Tatum has returned and is settling in to make his second appearance in the Olympics — wearing the patriotic red, white, and blue; the first time since 2020/2021 in Japan.

It will be electric as he shares the court with fellow NBA champions like Steph Curry and LeBron James. This is part of what's already an epic 2024 for Tatum, coming off the Celtics' 18th title.

You may be wondering, "Fresh Cut?" Well, check this out — Tatum is sporting a new look, more like a throwback to be exact.

The curls are gone! It's a restart that will surely return to its natural form by the time the Olympics are all said and done. Tatum looks like his rookie self but much broader and stronger, displaying his growth over the years.

Tatum is gunning for another gold medal and he can do it in style (different style). Beware Cs fans, if you were unaware of this change — now you are!

It doesn't matter whether he has curls or not, Tatum's "top five," according to No. 0 himself.

Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum has good odds to win 2024-25 MVP

Tatum's basketball continuity has led to MVP talks for this coming season. He's already capable of winning the desired award but has yet to do so in his career. The Olympics will keep him steady and not miss a beat.

"Now, with an offseason where Tatum will see little to no rest with the Olympics quickly approaching, can the superstar elevate his game and reach a new level next season," Celtics Wire prefaced before saying, "Championship repeat talks have already begun and with this roster looking to make zero changes and Tatum in Brown in their primes, can he deliver more rings to Boston?"

The more experience, the better for Tatum and his skills will continue to increase as well. This not only helps himself but Joe Mazzulla later this year. It's a win-win situation that Cs fans should be happy about.

Those curls will grow back, Tatum — don't worry.