Bronny James inspired by Boston Celtics guards Jrue Holiday and Derrick White

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Bronny James admitted that Boston Celtics guards Jrue Holiday and Derrick White are two players who inspires to be like in the pros -- along with, for some reason, Sacramento Kings guard Davion Mitchell -- at the NBA Draft Combine on May 14.

"Just guys that excel in their role and, you know, get good money and get good playing time from it," James said (h/t Yahoo Sports). "They are locked into that role and know what they're supposed to do."

Bronny is certainly onto something. Measuring at just six-foot-one at the Combine, James is undersized for the NBA level. Claiming to want to be like his father, or even a player at a somewhat similar height with similar athleticism, his dad's friend Dwyane Wade, would have him laughed out of the building.

Even Holiday and White have skillsets that far exceed Bronny's, but claiming to want to be a role player is smart for a player who many project to be a second-rounder. Mitchell is a genius comparison considering his size and thus-far disappointing career.

Bronny James wants to be like Boston Celtics guards, but what he wants more than anything is to stand out from LeBron

From the sound of it, Bronny doesn't seem too keen on teaming up with his father at the NBA level. The USC product claimed that he wants to stand out from his G.O.A.T. candidate father LeBron in his pro career.

"I just want to, you know, have people know my name is Bronny James and not being identified as just LeBron James' son," Bronny said.

LeBron did Bronny no favors naming him LeBron James Jr., but he did do him every favor because without his clout, most would say that Bronny should return to college since he's nowhere close to being NBA-ready right now.

Unfortunately, though in truth, fortunately, Bronny will most likely end up on the same team as his dad right away. It'll be on him to eventually carve out his own path once LeBron is retired.

If the all-time leading scorer will ever slow down enough for that to be justified, of course.