Boston Celtics trade target called a 'Poor Man's Derrick White'

A frequently linked Boston Celtics trade target was called a "Poor Man's Derrick White" by one analyst.
Dec 12, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics guard Derrick White (9) reacts after his
Dec 12, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics guard Derrick White (9) reacts after his / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics trade target John Konchar was given one of the highest compliments by The Ringer's Michael Pina, who called the Memphis Grizzlies wing a "Poor Man's Derrick White" in a piece exploring hypothetical deals to kick off trade season.

"Instead of relying on All-Star teammates to make him better, Konchar is the type of role player who goes out of his way to ease the All-Star’s job," Pina wrote. "He functions on both ends, has great hands, and makes quick decisions, hustle plays, and open 3s while understanding, at all times, why he’s on the court. For Celtics fans who haven’t seen much of Konchar, think 'Poor Man’s Derrick White.'

"Konchar is a connector who doesn’t stop moving and keeps the ball hopping whenever it finds him. He’d look better in Boston, where spacing isn’t the issue it’s always been in Memphis."

John Konchar would bring different skillset to the Boston Celtics than Derrick White does

White, perhaps on the precipice of making the NBA All-Star Game for the first time in his seven-year career, has emerged as the second-best player on the Celtics to some. Konchar is nowhere close to where White was in his fifth year and doesn't appear to be on the brink of making an All-Star Game anytime soon; let alone become a starter.

Konchar would be a great addition, for the price of draft picks and the Grant Williams TPE, without a doubt. While he doesn't facilitate as White does, he is a great rebounder -- especially as a six-foot-five wing -- and would help Boston in an area the Cs are weak in when Luke Kornet is in the game.

He just isn't a "Poor Man's Derrick White," a label that's probably best reserved for a superior playmaker to the Grizzlies wing.