The only thing that can stop the Celtics after slam dunk offseason

The Celtics will be favorites to repeat, but they must avoid this pitfall.
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum / Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics dominated their way to a championship in 2024. They were 64-18 during the regular season and lost just three times in the playoffs. No series even made it to six games. Boston had made several deep runs since 2017 and finally got over the hump as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are entering their primes.

The Celtics could have taken a step back after winning it all, but decided to keep spending. They were not deterred by the new second tax apron and the roster restrictions that come with it. Boston believes they can win another championship and it meant making a serious financial commitment.

The Celtics will be favorites to repeat, and Tatum is eager to win more championships. Boston has their entire core locked up for at least two more years and even added a rookie who should be ready to contribute immediately. They are elite and only one thing can derail them.

Injuries are the only thing stopping the Celtics from repeating as NBA champions

Winning back-to-back championships is difficult. Many thought the Nuggets would repeat after their 2023 title, but Denver was bounced in the second round of the playoffs. No team has repeated since the Warriors in 2017 and 2018. Since 2000, only the Lakers (three times), Heat, and Warriors have won back-to-back.

The Celtics return their top 11 in minutes per game from last season with Al Horford and Jrue Holiday as the only players over 30 years old. Boston added Baylor Scheierman with the 30th overall pick. The five-year college player is an elite shooter with a versatile skill set and may see minutes off the bench immediately.

Boston is arguably better, which leaves injuries as the only thing capable of stopping them. Kristaps Porzingis played in just seven of their 19 playoff contests, and the Celtics dominated their way to a championship. Other teams had injuries along the path, but that is part of the sport.

Fans will point to the improvements of the Knicks and 76ers as potential challenges for the Celtics. The Eastern Conference will be better, but Boston has the best top six in the league and more depth than last season. It will take injuries to multiple top-end players for the franchise to be knocked off in the playoffs, especially with their top four scorers in their primes.

Boston Celtics fans should be ecstatic. It was a slam dunk offseason where the franchise re-signed all their key pieces and added a talented rookie. They are serious about contending and not letting spending get in the way. The Celtics have a fantastic chance to repeat and only injuries can get in the way.

Boston proved they were the best team and will hold that distinction next season. Credit to ownership and the front office for keeping this group together, and stay tuned to see if they can become the NBA's next dynasty. It won't be easy, but this squad is eager to face the challenge.