Boston Celtics nudged to draft Bronny James at 2024 NBA draft

USC v Arizona
USC v Arizona / David Becker/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics were nudged by Field of 68's Jeff Goodman to draft Bronny James with the No, 30 pick in the NBA draft. Goodman also pitched the owner of the No. 29 pick to do the same, but he might've forgotten that the Utah Jazz own that by way of Oklahoma City via Toronto and Indiana.

"I would consider taking Bronny at 29 or 30 - if I am a legit contender - to do this," Goodman prefaced before saying, "I don’t care how bad of a draft this is at the top (and it’s bad). This would be pure insanity for a Hawks team that is miles away, and for a 40-year-old LeBron."

Goodman was responding to Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe's awful, though at least partially sarcastic, idea for the Atlanta Hawks to take Bronny at No. 1 overall.

"The Atlanta Hawks have the 1st pick in what multiple NBA executives have called 'The Worst Draft Ever,'" Lefkore prefaced before saying, "Why not draft Bronny James? It increases your chances of landing LeBron. You get to call the Lakers and say “we have your son” and demand a king’s ransom in return."

Landing LeBron James would be worth it for the Boston Celtics to draft Bronny James

Of course, if LeBron is serious about teaming up with Bronny, using a late-first-rounder on the latter to land the former is a no-brainer. James paired with Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kristaps Porzingis, and Jrue Holiday would give the Celtics the greatest starting five in the sport's history. Full stop.

But it's hard to see James signing for a vet's minimum deal with any team to make that scenario possible. A max deal from the Los Angeles Lakers, possibly his last in his career, is the most likely outcome.

Still, Bronny's presence does always leave the door open for the "king." Draft him if he's on the board, Brad.