Hard to see a world where Boston Celtics entertain adding troubled 20 PPG scorer

One analyst finds it hard to see a world where the Boston Celtics would entertain adding a troubled 20-point-per-game scorer via trade.
Nov 20, 2023; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges (0) gets a
Nov 20, 2023; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges (0) gets a / Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

MassLive's Brian Robb finds it "hard to see" a world where the Boston Celtics would add Miles Bridges via a trade with the Charlotte Hornets given the impending exorbitant price tag it'll cost to keep the troubled forward next offseason; not to mention the baggage he'd bring to the locker room.

"It’s hard to see the Celtics taking a run at Bridges for quite a few reasons," Robb prefaced to a mailbag reader before saying, "To start, his criminal history is certainly a major red flag and should be a non-starter in my mind. Beyond that, there is the issue of a high price tag the Hornets would likely ask for in any deal as well as the limited options Boston has for salary matching for the $8 million per year that Bridges is earning. With an expiring contract as well that will make him an unrestricted free agent after his year, it’s hard to envision the Celtics would be willing to give him his next deal, which would limit any kind of assets they would need to give up for him. Combine all of those factors together and it’s just hard to see a world where this is a guy Boston will go after."

After going through the Ime Udoka scandal prior to the start of training camp in 2022, the Celtics organization will probably lean closer to safe moves than not. There's an inherent risk of a full-on media backlash in Beantown should Boston's front office ever bring on Bridges.

Miles Bridges too risky of a rental for Boston Celtics' Banner 18 hopes

Bridges is simply too big of a gamble for the Celtics to ever justify adding with so much riding on the team winning a championship this coming June. Talent-wise, he'd be a great fit, but with Jrue Holiday also on an expiring deal, the Cs would presumably have to empty their warchest of assets to nab him.

Again, with what's already been given up, and with the complications such a move would bring, this is a swing that's best kept out of the batter's box.