Boston Celtics beat reporter brutally roasts Cam Thomas

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Athletic's Jay King chose violence on February 13 during the Boston Celtics' 118-110 win over the Brooklyn Nets, eviscerating Cam Thomas when NBC Sports Boston's Max Lederman innocently said that the former LSU guard was fun and that he loves him.

"Rarely ever passes," King tweeted. "Never plays defense. Has some of the league's worst shot selection. But sure, if that's what you like."

It gets worse, though. King accused Thomas of not knowing how to play basketball after a fan said that, as a hooper, The Athletic reporter should appreciate his shot-creation.

"As a hooper I prefer guys who actually, ya know, know how to play basketball," King quipped.


Thomas shot an efficient 10/20 from the field and 4/7 from the 3-point line and made both free throws he took. He finished with 26 points, four assists, two rebounds, two steals, three turnovers, five fouls, and the third-worst box-plus/minus at -7.

Nets analysts disagree with Boston Celtics beat writer Jay King on Cam Thomas

Either in direct response to King or not, several Nets-centric Twitter accounts lauded Thomas' defensive chops against the Celtics.

"This has been a very, very impressive second-half performance from Cam Thomas against the best team in the NBA," ClutchPoints' Erik Slater prefaced before saying, "Especially given his early struggles."

One prominent Nets fan account, BrooklynNetcast, believes Thomas and rookie Jalen Wilson both had their best games of the season.

"Cam Thomas and Jalen Wilson had their best defensive half of the season in the 2nd half vs Boston," the account prefaced before saying, "That was very promising to see. Need to see this full game from Cam, JW I have ultimate faith in to play this defense consistently."

Thomas would've been a great draft pick back in 2021 but Boston didn't have a first-round pick. The Cs have not added a first-round pick since Brad Stevens took over as President of Basketball Operations, but in a perfect world he'd be a low-cost trade target this offseason. Well, low-cost until he receives an extension at least.

Don't count on it, though. Brooklyn is likely to build their future around their streaky scoring stud, among others.