Boston Celtics analyst vociferously against adding LeBron James in offseason

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers
Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

CelticsBlog's Sam LaFrance doesn't want to see LeBron James on the Boston Celtics in any way, shape, or form. Ever. LaFrance laid out his reasoning, which wasn't against adding Bronny James, but was very against adding LeBron and his son in the offseason.

"Even without considering the structure of the current roster, luring LeBron to the Celtics would be horrific," LaFrance prefaced before saying, "Imagine turning on the TV and having to support the guy who is vociferously booed every time he touches the ball at the Garden. All of the whining, throwing teammates under the bus, and passive-aggressive tweets would make my head explode.

"LeBron is a fantastic player and one of the best (or the best, you’re entitled to you're opinion) to ever lace ‘em up. He’s got a brilliant basketball mind and sees the game at a level that very few can hope to. He’s just not someone that ever needs to wear Celtic green. He doesn’t like it here, the fans (for the most part) don’t care for him either. There’s no need to jeopardize the great product that the organization has put together over this."

LeBron James makes Boston Celtics championship shoo-ins

LeBron comes up with a ton of baggage. No one denies that. He's friends with problematic people in Hollywood, he's made irresponsible statements about things he's not informed about, and he complains frequently on the court -- nearly every single time a whistle doesn't go his way, to be exact.

But what he also does is bring championships to franchises he joins. Every single one of them: two for the Miami Heat, one for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and one for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics may already be championship material this season, but add LeBron to that mix next season?

Hard not to expect another title. One has to wonder how complicated things would get if his son is on the team too, but the reality is Bronny would barely play.

LeBron has voiced his respect for Jayson Tatum, Kristaps Porzingis, and Jrue Holiday in the past, and though he doesn't have respect for the city of Boston, he'd certainly learn to have respect for the way the Celtics organization does business.

Banner 18, or 19, would be a shoo-in. For that reason, the Houdini is in on a LeBron signing.