Beloved Boston Celtics icon accused of self-serving response to Becky Hammon comments

A beloved Boston Celtics icon was accused of having a self-serving response to Becky Hammon's recent viral comments.
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics - Game Seven
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Former Boston Celtics icon Isaiah Thomas's response to Becky Hammon's recent viral comments about players under a certain height being able to lead a team to an NBA Championship was called self-serving by Sporting News's Josh Eberley.

"Both Isiah and Isaiah replying to the Becky Hammon quote with self-serving promotion killing me," Eberley said.

Thomas's comments revolved around the idea that the league is pushing players like him out of the game.

"If they GAVE a small guard opportunity to be like those 1A tier guys then that narrative will change! It’s that simple," Thomas said. "They forcing the game to go into a certain direction. Forget if he’s small or tall if he got GAME that doesn’t matter at all. I feel her but disagree at the same time. All RESPECT though."

Becky Hammon's quote former Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas was responding to

Hammon got into hot water with Thomas for saying that the New York Knicks lack an "A1 dude" because Jalen Brunson, their best player, stands at just six-foot-two; "just" being used here to describe NBA players within the context of this discussion.

"They're, well-coached, they're going to be on their defensive game, but at the end of the day, they don't have a dude," Hammon said during the December 21 edition of NBA Today. "You gotta have a dude, you gotta have a 1A dude and they're missing that at the end of the day if we're just getting down to brass taxes.

"This is a game that, the big and bold, it favors that. I love Jalen Brunson, but you're going to put him on the level of a 1A? You're putting him with Giannis, Embiid, Steph?"

Thomas returning to the Celtics after these comments and proving why he is the five-foot-nine messiah would be the storybook ending this tale needs.