3 Aggressive moves the Boston Celtics can make in offseason to become a dynasty

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Re-sign Derrick White

Given how much money the Celtics' current core makes, re-signing anyone this offseason is a financial flex that'll be paid off in the next few years. Re-signing Tatum to a Supermax is a foregone conclusion, but re-signing Derrick White is no guarantee.

On the surface, at least. A cap crunch could lead to a different reality ahead of the 2025 season if Stevens plays it safe. Luckily, though, Stevens knows that White is too invaluable to let go.

"We'd love to have Derrick as long as we can have Derrick. I haven't been in this job long, but that one doesn't feel like brain surgery to me," (h/t Inside The Celtics).

White has been a pillar in this Finals run and it would ruffle feathers to trade him or wait too long to try to bring him back and potentially burn bridges in the process.

Aggressive as it may be to re-sign him, Stevens needs to bet on Boston making those tax penalties back in revenue if the Celtics become the dynasty they may already be equipped to be.