Brad Stevens sends strong message on looming Boston Celtics offseason decision

The former Boston Celtics head coach turned GM has made the future of a certain player publicly known.
Brad Stevens has made tons of progress during his time as the Celtics GM.
Brad Stevens has made tons of progress during his time as the Celtics GM. / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages

Brad Stevens, who was once the head coach of the Boston Celtics from 2013 to 2021, and now the C's President of Basketball Operations, has made it known to the media what Derrick White's future with the team holds.

The message will certainly excite all of the Celtics fans around, as White has been a crucial piece to the team's success and does not nearly get enough credit for his contributions.

Luckily, Stevens recognizes it.

"We'd love to have Derrick as long as we can have Derrick. I haven't been in this job long, but that one doesn't feel like brain surgery to me," (h/t Inside The Celtics).

An interesting choice of words by Stevens mentions that it's not "brain surgery" to keep the 29-year-old in Massachusetts. This does not only describe the magnitude of White's presence on the team but also expresses how easy of a choice it is to offer him the big bucks.

The Boston Celtics cannot afford to lose Derrick White

Stevens labeled retaining White a "good idea" while hyping No. 9's confidence.

"If we can keep Derrick White around here, that's probably a good idea," Stevens said. "I think the biggest thing is when you look at the difference from when he first got here -- and he was great when he first got here, as far as connecting the group -- it's just his confidence."

White officially joined the team via trade back in February of 2022 from the San Antonio Spurs, who selected him with the 29th pick of the 2017 NBA Draft out of Colorado after beginning his collegiate career with the Division II UCCS Mountain Lions.

Ever since then, White has been such an underrated piece to winning games, making his presence felt in the locker room, and performing big-time plays such as his infamous last-second shot around the rim against the Miami Heat during the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals, forcing a Game 7. Despite the Celtics not advancing with the shot to add another banner afterward, the opportunity would not have been available if it wasn't for White's hustle.

The top-seeded Celtics are on the path to winning yet another NBA championship, adding to the history of an already proven organization, and White is needed to make the dream a reality.

Heck, Shaquille O'Neal sees White playing his best as a Banner 18 necessity based on his comments featured on Inside the NBA.

Generally speaking, White's time ahead with the Boston Celtics is set in stone, according to his GM, and fans should be excited for what's to come.