3 Aggressive moves the Boston Celtics can make in offseason to become a dynasty

Stanford v USC
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Draft/trade up to select Bronny James to lure LeBron James

It doesn't get bigger than bringing on Lebron and Bronny James. The Celtics would be able to make Derrick White or Jrue Holiday a sixth man and preserve them for the long haul, and add who'd instantly be the team's best facilitator by signing LeBron -- and the key to that is taking Bronny in the 2024 NBA draft.

Bronny's draft stock has wildly fluctuated since the beginning of his freshman season at USC. A heart issue compromised his lone collegiate season and he never quite got his feet under him with the Trojans. Now, though, with the draft approaching, his value is skyrocketing again.

Of course, LeBron is the reason why. He's made it clear in his career that he wants to share the court with his son before it's all said and done, and being that he'll be 40 at the end of the season, that ending may be sooner than later.

Drafting Bronny at No. 30 carries minimal risk but carries maximum reward. If it takes attaching a high-value asset like Sam Hauser -- who will be due for a new contract in the 2025 offseason and may price himself out of Boston -- then it must be explored for the chance at LeBron.

Boston and LeBron win in this scenario. He steals back the league spotlight as he approaches or surpasses Michael Jordan's ring count and the Celtics further their lead in total NBA championships.