5 Ways to get your Boston Celtics fix while waiting for opening tip-off

Waiting for the NBA regular to return? Here are 5 ways to get your Boston Celtics fix and keep your basketball excitement alive until opening tip-off (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Waiting for the NBA regular to return? Here are 5 ways to get your Boston Celtics fix and keep your basketball excitement alive until opening tip-off (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

With the NBA preseason feeling like an eternity away, and the NBA regular season feeling even further again, here are 5 ways to get your Boston Celtics fix before the opening tip-off of the 2023-24 regular season.

No. 1: Watch the 2008 Boston Celtics NBA Championship documentary

With all the hype surrounding the Boston Celtics going into the 2023-24 season, the odds for Championship number 18 make it feel like a genuine possibility. So what better way to get your Celtics fix than rewatching the infamous 2008 Championship-winning season? The documentary is available on YouTube and in HD on Amazon to buy or rent, allowing you to relive the glory and excitement of that historic victory.

Relive some of the iconic moments like:

  • Paul Pierce’s 4-point play while down by 3.
  • Kevin Garnett’s crazy And-1 shot (still not sure how he made that).
  • Rajon Rondo’s defensive prowess in Game 6.
  • Ray Allen Secured the win in Game 4 following a 24-point comeback.

No. 2: Play the 2023-24 Boston Celtics season in NBA 2K24

As basketball and Boston Celtics fanatics, it’s pretty easy to assume we’ve all fired up NBA 2K, started a franchise, and won it all with the boys in green at least once. With the recent release of NBA 2K24, and the real NBA season feeling like it’s in eternal limbo, what better time to fire up your console and bring TD Garden and its excitement to life in the virtual world?

Make all the moves you’ve always daydreamed about. Trade for another superstar to join the already stellar cast, draft the next legend, or even bring back some former Celtics stars. I know who just came to mind.

If you feel like taking on the role of head coach and letting the team do its thing, then set up the team’s rotation, pick your offensive and defensive playing style, and get to simulating. Spectate the bigger games by watching the Celtics in action, and see how far you can coach them this season. We did a simulation ourselves, and without giving too much away, it’s looking promising for Boston in the 2K world.

So, now is the time to show off your GM and coaching skills while we wait for this basketball drought to end.

No. 3: Watch your favorite moments from the 2022-23 Boston Celtics season

What better way to get your Celtics fix than to relive the thrilling moments of the 2022-23 season? Last season was nothing short of spectacular for the Boston Celtics, as they won an impressive 57 games during the regular season and made it all the way to the conference finals. It was a season filled to the brim with breathtaking moments, jaw-dropping dunks, clutch 3-pointers, and unforgettable performances by the boys from Beantown.

With the NBA preseason and regular season on the horizon, immersing yourself in the best moments from last season is a fantastic way to build anticipation for what lies ahead. So, why not take a trip down memory lane and watch some of your favorite moments from last season?

Some of my favorite moments include:

  • Tatum putting Giannis Antetokounmpo on a poster with this unbelievable dunk.
  • Robert Williams blocked a 3-point shot and then got the downhill layup.
  • Vintage Lob City Black Griffin.
  • Horford’s dunk exchange with Giannis.
  • Why not one more Tatum poster dunk, this time showing Rudy Gobert why he shouldn’t mess with the C’s

No. 4: Rewatch some of your favorite games from the 2022-23 Boston Celtics season

Since we are talking about recapping some breathtaking moments from last season, I should mention that rewatching some of your favorite games can absolutely kill that Celtics craving that we are all currently suffering through. There’s something special about watching your favorite games again and reliving the highs and lows that captured our emotions.

The game that jumps to mind for me straight away is one that I rewatched recently, the full Game 7 clash against the Philadelphia 76ers, and I enjoyed it almost as much as I did watching it live – almost. Easily one of my favorite games last season, helped on by Tatum showing why he is one of the best in the league with a massive 51 points, the most ever in a Game 7.

Another stand-out game from last season that deserves a rewind is the dramatic December 13th match-up against the Lakers. Who could forget that moment when LeBron James attempted to guard Tatum with the Lakers up by 2, only for Tatum to showcase his incredible handles and mid-range prowess, taking the game to overtime? Truly an unforgettable moment.

The last game I’ll mention was another stellar performance from Tatum as he put up 40 points in a 41-point win against the Milwaukee Bucks on March 30th. With only five games remaining in the regular season following this performance, Boston sent a resounding message to the rest of the league: they were a force to be reckoned with going into the playoffs

No. 5: Explore the lighter side of the NBA web

While we eagerly await the return of Boston Celtics basketball, why not make the most of your downtime by diving into some fantastic NBA-related websites? These sites offer unique ways to engage with the basketball world and satisfy your craving for the game.

The first website that’s worth checking out is the incredibly addictive Fanspo.com, a place to construct your dream trades, experiment with unconventional trade scenarios, and get your trades graded while grading some that others have built. With the recent news surrounding Malcolm Brogdon, it’s easy to see why he is currently trending on the site, a perfect chance to try to build a possible trade scenario of your own involving the current 6th Man of the Year. Why not check it out and see what trades you can build?

Another intriguing option is one you might all be familiar with due to its rising popularity on YouTube, and that is Hoopgrids.com. This insanely entertaining website is a must for basketball fanatics, and if you’ve made it this far, I think it’s safe to assume you are one. Hoopgrids is a 3 by 3 grid where you have to find matches between the columns and the rows, trying to get the most obscure answers, aiming for the lowest score possible. It’s incredibly fun and addictive, making it a perfect pastime for devoted basketball fans. Definitely worth trying out for yourself.

As Celtics fans, we thrive on the excitement of each new season. While we eagerly await the return of our beloved Boston Celtics, we’ve explored a variety of ways to keep our Celtics passion alive and get that Beantown fix. From revisiting iconic moments to diving into virtual basketball, we’ve got plenty to keep us occupied. Soon enough, we’ll be back at TD Garden, cheering on our boys in green. Until then, stay green, stay passionate, and keep the Celtics’ spirit and excitement alive.