Scary Giannis Antetokounmpo trade scenario lands two-time MVP in Boston Celtics’ division

A scary Giannis Antetokounmpo proposed trade scenario would send the two-time MVP to the Boston Celtics — and such a scenario is a reality according to Heavy’s Sean Deveney, who revealed a championship franchise could be a “dark horse” suitor for the Greek Freak should he ask out of Milwaukee.

That franchise? The Toronto Raptors, whose President of Basketball Operations, Masai Ujiri, has a longstanding interest in Antetokounmpo and the trade assets to land him on the open market.

“The Raptors have team president Masai Ujiri, who has long sought to acquire Antetokounmpo, and with star-caliber assets on hand—some combination of Scottie Barnes, OG Anunoby and/or Pascal Siakam—Milwaukee could be tempted into a deal,” Deveney wrote. ‘We know from the Kawhi Leonard experience that Ujiri is not afraid to take risks on star players, whether they’re committed to staying or not.”

Boston Celtics division rival ‘can’t be ruled out’ in Giannis Antetokounmpo pursuit

As an unnamed executive told Deveney, the Raptors — as well as small-market Oklahoma City and mischaracterized small-market San Antonio — “can’t be ruled out” when it comes to an Antetokounmpo pursuit.

“I think you can’t rule out those kinds of teams,” the executive said. “Giannis has always carried himself like he is all about winning, like that is what matters most to him. He is a little different. I mean, that is the reputation, anyway. If that is really the case, then wouldn’t he want to go play for (Gregg Popovich), play alongside Wemby there? If Toronto can give up only one of its guys and brought back Giannis? They would really have something there.”

Easily, the most intriguing scenario of the bunch would see Antetokounmpo team up with fellow European wunderkind Victor Wembanyama under Gregg Popovich, but a switch to any of those teams seems more likely to yield a championship than staying with the Bucks’ aging core.