How squandered opportunities have put the Boston Celtics in a dire spot

The Boston Celtics are once again in a position where their backs are against the wall. Similar to Bill Murray in the 1993 film Groundhog Day, the Cs continue to put themselves in these positions every year. But the difference with this series against the Miami Heat is that it feels dire.

And the number one reason why they are in position is similar to past seasons: squandered opportunities.

Just looking at this series alone, the Celtics could easily be up 3-1 instead of down if it weren’t for blown opportunities. In the first two games at home, the Boston Celtics should have won both because they had big leads, and they let them slip away. The Cs held a 13-point lead in Game 1 before choking down the stretch, and they held a nine-point lead in the fourth quarter of Game 2. These lost opportunities have put the Celtics in a dire situation against a team that does not fear them.

This situation is entirely different from any other series the Celtics have had their backs against the wall in, minus the Finals against the Golden State Warriors a year ago. The Celtics are facing a team that takes advantage of a team squandering opportunities, and they will never panic. The Heat’s culture and coach will allow them to never panic and remain level-headed.

The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, lack stability in those areas, which is why they are in this position. It’s tough to predict what this team will do because they could easily fight back and make this a series or lay down in Game 5 at home. History could be on the Celtics’ side, as they are due for a win in Game 5.

The big question will be: can the Celtics take advantage of an opportunity by having two games at home?

Seeing the rest of the series play out and the ramifications it has on the Celtics will be fascinating.