Boston Celtics: Danny Ainge was upset by Ime Udoka affair due to ties with employee

Boston Celtics suspended head coach Ime Udoka infamously got intimate with a fellow employee, and on September 24, we learned that the woman he had an affair with was actually booking his fiancée Nia Long’s flights.

Twitter fired off its jokes, but the joke really wasn’t on Udoka or Long at all since the two had an open relationship. Long didn’t seem keen on being exclusive with anyone to begin with, given her views on marriage. Long supported the father to her youngest son in her statement via her agent to TMZ.

Given that the relationship was initially reported as consensual, there was confusion at first as to why the head coach was suspended at all. Once it was reported that there was inappropriate communication between himself and another member of the Boston Celtics organization, things became clearer. Still, plenty more is set to come out and provide context to what has been a crazy turn of events.

That context? The woman that had the affair with Udoka was a close friend of Danny Ainge who he personally hired. And worse yet, Ainge was not happy in the slightest about what the first head coaching hire of the post-Ainge era did (h/t HotNewHipHop):

“According to a report from the Daily Mail, the woman in question was Kathleen Nimmo Lynch, who is the Team Service Manager. The 34-year-old is reportedly a devout Mormon who is married with three children.”

“Interestingly enough, Lynch actually got the job through her connections to Danny Ainge who now works with the Utah Jazz. Ainge and Lynch lived in the same town and she even went to school with Ainge’s daughter. The Daily Mail claims Ainge became aware of the affair and was upset due to the woman’s faith and marriage.”

Boston Celtics suspended head coach Ime Udoka isn’t getting another NBA job

Forget ever coaching again for the Boston Celtics if you’re Ime Udoka. His service was exemplary, and he laid the foundation of a championship team by getting the roster to buy into his concepts and each other.

But sleeping with someone that the highly respected Danny Ainge does not approve of? Udoka is merely a memory, because no front office is going to bring on that baggage.