Boston Celtics: 3 free agent targets that have ties to the Cs

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Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports /
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Free-agent with connection to the Boston Celtics No. 2) Isaiah Thomas

I’m not quite sure how many times we can write about the idea of a reunion between Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics before it either happens or he simply gets signed elsewhere, but right now the post-count for this exact discussion seems to be somewhere in the billions.

I mean, what more does the man have to prove for the front office to realize he’d be a fantastic low-cost pickup for this summer?

Does he have to have a proven track record of only excelling with the franchise? If so, he did this during his two and a half year stint with the franchise where he posted per-game averages of 24.7 points and six assists on 44 percent shooting from the floor and 37 percent shooting from deep while nabbing being selected to two All-Star games, an All-NBA team, and placed in the top-5 for the 2017 league MVP race.

Does he have to show that he can still play in the NBA? If so, he already did this last season where he played three games for the New Orleans Pelicans and averaged 7.7 points, 1.7 assists, and 1.3 rebounds during his time there, with two of these outings seeing him log more than 10 minutes and finished with a +7 and +2, respectively, in the box score.

Does he have to do something crazy like, I don’t know, score an insane amount of points during a game that also involves other professional ballers? If so… HE ALREADY DID THAT LITERALLY LAST WEEK!

The man actually dropped a whopping 81 points in the Crawsover Pro-Am that took place this past Sunday.

What else does IT, a man who shed his blood, sweat, and tears whilst suiting up for the Boston Celtics, have to do just to get something as simple as a vet minimum contract extended to him?

Pick up the phone, Brad. It’s already been rumored that you’ve been interested in the idea — why not make it a reality?