Boston Celtics rumors: Green could be kept, Poirier likely to be dealt

A former Western Conference executive and current Eastern Conference executive had an interesting quote about potential offseason plans for the Boston Celtics.

Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus gave plenty of bulletin board material for Boston Celtics fans in his latest piece, detailing how the Cs can once again become a legitimate rival to the 2020 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers.

In one of his slides, he discussed the various options the team has in the upcoming offseason:

“Hayward is picking up his option, no doubt,” the former Western Conference executive said. “[Center Enes] Kanter thinks he’s better than $5 million. He should opt out.”

Kanter can opt out of his final year at $5 million. The team can pass on Semi Ojeleye’s $1.8 million option and may have to with a packed roster. Daniel Theis is a bargain at a non-guaranteed $5 million; the Celtics won’t let him go. Green is an interesting young wing with $1.5 million in non-guaranteed salary.

Reserve point guard Brad Wanamaker will be a restricted free agent and played well enough for the team to warrant a new contract. If so, the Celtics would have 15 players with Hayward and the first-round picks, assuming Kanter, Green, and Ojeleye are gone.

So Pincus agrees with the Houdini that Kanter, Green, and Ojeleye should be goners. Kanter can likely excel elsewhere, Semi Ojeleye can at least get paid more elsewhere, and Javonte Green’s ceiling may be too low to justify a roster spot given the team’s 2020 NBA Draft situation.

That said, it appears Green may not be the goner we think he is:

“They keep Javonte and move Poirier is my guess,” the Eastern Conference executive said.


So Vincent Poirier, owner of a guaranteed $2.5 million deal, is likely to be a goner via trade. We’ve been resigned to that fact basically the entire season.

The more shocking news is Green being tabbed to stay in Beantown beyond the 2019-20 season. What do you think Boston Celtics fans? Do you see a role for the career journeyman moving forward on this team?

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