Boston Celtics: finding the best 3 Vincent Poirier trade packages

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Not every transaction during NBA trade season needs to be a home-run. For the Boston Celtics, offloading dead weight attached to draft capital may be the key to improving the roster enough to gain a playoff advantage.

The Houdini never wants to see any member of this Boston Celtics team have to relocate and uproot his life. It’s been a fun season that has resulted in one of the top records in the league. Chemistry is a big reason why, given the fact that the talent level may actually be lower than last year’s team.

Talent needs to gel, and this C’s squad is gelling more than an Armenian barber shop. Obviously, the All-Star seasons of Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have the biggest tangible impact on winning. That said, role players are the underappreciated gears that make the machine work.

Unfortunately, it’s a business. All 30 NBA franchises are in the business of winning games and ultimately winning a title. Yes, even the New York Knicks. We think.

If you look up and down the roster, it’s been painfully obvious all season that one particular roster member should likely be dealt–at the very least to match salaries in a deal involving a draft pick: Vincent Poirier.

In a season where the center rotation has been the least set in stone, Poirier has not cracked the rotation at all, even after signing a guaranteed deal in free agency. He may just be a lost cause at this point…as hard as it is to say about the man who refers to himself as “Mr. Sexy Pants”.

So it is with a heavy heart that I list the top potential trade packages for the French center:

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