Boston Celtics: 2 free-agents Cs should avoid indefinitely

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We’ve advocated for the Boston Celtics to be active during this offseason’s free-agency period, but these two players should be off their radar.

Once the season resumes on July 31st, the Boston Celtics will be once again one their quest to attain championship number 18.

Prior to the COVID-19 induced hiatus on March 11th, the shamrocks had already established themselves as a real threat to the Milwaukee Bucks to represent the Eastern Conference in this year’s NBA Finals. Despite the team’s copious amounts of injuries throughout the year, the found themselves standing pat with a record of 43-21, training them third in the east, fifth in the entire NBA and, with their victory over the Indiana Pacers on March 10th, had clinched their sixth straight trip to the NBA postseason.

Now, even with this unfortunate hiccup in the season and, frankly, the world, Boston is still seen as a favorite to head to the NBA Finals. At least, according to ourselves and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose:

“In a neutral situation, the way the season is about to be shotgun started again, I’m taking the Celtics in the East,” Rose said. “I’m taking the Celtics in the East, because one of the great things about the Bucks – of course, their game does travel – but their home court was a huge advantage for them, a major advantage. If we’re playing pickup ball, and the Celtics and Bucks players are in the gym, I’m going to pick Giannis Antetokounmpo, but the next four or five picks are going to be Celtics. That’s my choice to come out of the East.”

Nevertheless, regardless of this year’s outcome, this offseason the Boston Celtics will likely be looking into improving their, already talented, yet nowhere near perfect, roster.

With this, there are many routes in which Danny Ainge and co. could go — the NBA Draft, offseason trades, free agency, etc. On numerous occasions, we have discussed ways in which they could improve their roster with all three of these aforementioned topics, and have gone into depth with whom we believe would be good targets.

However, despite our love of pondering on the idea of how good it would be for the team if certain players were to join the team, we realize there are more bad options out there than there are good.

With this in mind, here are two specific free-agents we believe should be nowhere near the Boston Celtics’ radar come the offseason:

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