Boston Celtics: Should they be pursuing a trade for Anthony Davis?

Do the Boston Celtics need to acquire Anthony Davis in order to compete with the Golden State Warriors?

Anthony Davis is one of the best basketball players in the world. He is the ideal modern big man, possessing size, a silky smooth jump shot, and elite defensive ability. Last season Davis averaged a phenomenal 28.1 points per game to go along with 11.1 rebounds and 2.6 blocks. With DeMarcus Cousins joining the Golden State Warriors this offseason, many individuals point to Davis as the player that the Boston Celtics need to trade for in order to have a legit shot at winning a title in the near future.

The majority of people believe that the Celtics cannot beat the Warriors in a seven game series because the C’s are outmatched talent wise. Golden State has arguably the greatest team ever assembled, and one that boasts a starting lineup of five NBA stars. Boston has a very talented roster with a deep bench and players who can guard multiple positions, but as of right now it does not seem like that will be enough to dethrone the Warriors. The Celtics are a great basketball team, but not all-time great.

Acquiring Anthony Davis could instantly put Boston in a position to challenge Golden State, but it would come at a cost. To acquire a superstar player like Davis, the C’s would need to put together an enormous trade package likely centered around draft picks and young players. The 2019 Sacramento Kings pick would have to be given up, along with either Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum. Both Brown and Tatum established themselves as future NBA stars during last postseason, so trading them away at such a young age would be a tough pill to swallow.

Also, the Celtics would have to throw in even more assets along with Tatum/Brown and the Kings pick. Marcus Smart is someone who could be added in to sweeten the deal, and a few other first round picks would probably need to go to the New Orleans Pelicans as well. Davis is a superb talent and a future hall of famer, which is why Boston should offer New Orleans a package that includes: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, the 2019 Kings pick, and multiple other draft picks. This is the most that the Celtics should be willing to give up because Tatum is simply off-limits. He showed too much promise in his rookie season to be traded away.

In conclusion, the green should absolutely pursue a trade for Anthony Davis. The C’s need a talented big like Davis who would perfectly compliment the rest of the team. AD would instantly make Boston a huge threat to dethrone the Golden State Warriors. As long as they make sure that their core is off-limits, the Celtics would benefit greatly by trading for Anthony Davis.