NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics to open the season against 76ers

A rumor has come out saying that the Boston Celtics will be opening the season against the 76ers

This comes as no surprise, and we still wait for things to be finalized, but there has been rumors that the Boston Celtics will be playing on opening night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

After the Kawhi Leonard trade to the Toronto Raptors, there may have been a case to put them in the opening night game. Even with him there, Celtics 76ers is the rivalry that everyone wants to get going, and it an obvious choice for the opening night Eastern Conference game.

Both these teams have a lot to prove and need a lot of young players to work out, but they are seen as the future of the East. The Raptors have one season in them with Leonard, but the Celtics and 76ers are set to be Eastern powerhouses for the foreseeable future.

Especially after all the tension last season, the Celtics 76ers rivalry could turn into the best in the NBA. The 76ers have some catching up to do, because the Celtics added their top two players to a team that beat them in five games in the playoffs, but the potential is there.

Both these teams have special cores, and they have players that are ready to prove they are good enough to be the best team in the East. Right now, the 76ers should not be too much of a concern for the Celtics, but it will be fun seeing them open up the Eastern Conference this season.

I would expect any Celtics 76ers game to have a playoff like atmosphere, and you know the players are going to make sure they get any edge they can between these two teams.

They should deliver a special game to open up the season, and that is something the East desperately needs with the talent discrepancy from the West.

If the East wants to generate the kind of interest that is needed to compete with the West on that level, this Celtics 76ers rivalry is going to be the most important part.