Marcus Smart in position to leave special mark on Celtics history

Marcus Smart can leave a special mark in the history of the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics finally brought Marcus Smart back on a long term deal, who will be spending the next four years of his career with the Celtics. He is the longest tenured member on this team, and you get the feeling he never wants to play anywhere else.

That puts Smart in a truly unique position on this roster. He is the only player who can say he was a part of this rebuild from the very beginning. He saw the worst struggles, and lead the way when they were massive underdogs.

Now, they have made sure that he will not miss out when everything has come together, and the most important part is that he has been the heart and soul of this team throughout everything.

Smart will never be the most talented player on the team, and there will always be those particular areas that he will struggle in. What we do know, however, is that he will find a way to have a positive impact on this team.

He will fight and bully his way to make sure he is putting the team in a better position, and that is why he should expect to maintain a top role, even with so much more talent around him.

Smart has been the most beloved player, and he embodies so much of the fight that this team wants to see from everyone. The Celtics have an opportunity to have a special team for a while, and Smart will be as much of their identity as anyone else.

Smart is always willing to sacrifice and gives the Celtics a special edge that they cannot get anywhere else. Smart has already done enough to never be forgotten by Celtics fans. If he keeps it up with this core, and the Celtics are able to contend the way people expect, he will have a truly special place in Celtics lore.

Smart is the reason the Celtics will be able to make sure their defense is still their identity. He can change the landscape of a game without scoring a single point, and brings something that no one else in the league is able to capture.

Smart is special, and he is even more special in Boston. He has a viciously high standard to maintain on defense, but his impact on that end will go down in history with this team. The Celtics have made it clear how important he is, and now there is security. Boston remembers defenders, and Smart is one of the best they have seen in a long time.

We could still be waiting to see the best Smart has to offer, because you know he will always be pushing himself and those around him more than anyone else. It would not have been right to have this core without Smart, and he has secured himself a place in the richest history in the NBA.