Quiet offseason is ultimate show of confidence by Celtics organization

A quiet offseason by the Boston Celtics is a sign of great confidence in the core they have built

The Boston Celtics had one of the most intense rebuilds we have ever seen. The moment the Celtics decided they were going to blow things up, players were flying on and off the team at all times. The offseasons featured complete overhauls and until that trade deadline past, no one could feel safe at any moment.

This offseason, everything changed. The Celtics only made moves that will allow them to keep this core in tact, have not seen interested in any kind of trade talk and have one long decision still to make with Marcus Smart.

Whether they bring Smart or back, this quiet offseason is the best indicator of how much the Celtics love this core. Even after a Conference Finals appearance two seasons ago, the Celtics had no problem overturning almost the entire roster.

Now, the Celtics are avoiding anything that would require them to send away any piece of this core. The Celtics have assembled a group of players they want to win with and they know they can win with.

The Celtics have so many assets and different pieces they could trade. If the Celtics did not have the utmost confidence in this core, you would have noticed something this offseason.

At the very least, this means this core has done enough to earn at least one chance. Ainge saw what they could become last season and put a stop to all the madness from previous offseasons.

It gets more complicated when you think beyond just this season, but there is no reason to think about that now. The Celtics are ready to compete this season, and it does not feel like there is any move Ainge can realistically do that will make him feel better about this organization.

They want to stay right where they are, allow these top players to have a full season together and see what these young stars are able to develop into. After this season, maybe they will see something different, and Ainge will go back to trying something different.

For the first time since they made the trade for their big three, the Celtics are confident enough to leave the team alone, and give the players their opportunity to stay together and become something special.

The Celtics still have a lot of future options, and there will be uncertainty with Kyrie Irving until he signs his next contract. The Celtics have plenty of young pieces to be confident in their future, and they also finally have the top end talent for everyone to believe in their ability to contend right now.

The Celtics could have a special season coming up, and they have given us no reason to doubt even the highest expectations for them. It is too hard to tell exactly how this season will turn out, but they have done more than enough to deserve the confidence that the organization has been showing them this offseason.